Pop! Culture and Dolley Madison

We have devoted this section of our website to images of Dolley Madison in the twentieth century - Dolley Madison and American Popular Culture. We think it's fun. But we also believe it has historic relevance.


You will find here lots of different kinds of images that go back over one hundred years. Most of them were designed to sell products. Others were created to memorialize her as a great American. All of them tell us something about how her image has been used over the past century, and our shifting views of women. The Dolley Madison you will find in these pictures is a great hostess. She is a leader in fashion with excellent - but affordable -- taste in clothes and tableware. Her name is used to sell cakes and shoes, chinaware and cigarettes, watches and bedspreads. She is the kind of woman we once wanted our girls to emulate. She was a great first lady and we memorialized her on a stamp.

We have taken most of our images from www.ebay.com. We would like to thank all the sellers who have so graciously agreed to cooperate with our educational project.