This website is devoted to the life, letters, and legacy of Dolley Payne Todd Madison, wife of James Madison and the most important First Lady of the 19th Century. We have included the following materials to help you understand Mrs. Madison and to read her letters.

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Background Essays

Background Essays on Dolley Madison: 1768-1801;  1801-1817;  1817-1837;  1837-1849

Dolley Madison Chronology

A Chronology of the life of Dolley Madison (1768 - 1849)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Dolley Madison

Dolley Madison's Name

What's in a Name?

Dolley Madison's Correspondents

Who's Writing Dolley?

18th Century Handwriting

Reading 18th Century Handwriting

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Articles, books, and other sources on Dolley Madison

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