Who's Writing Dolley?

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ADAMS, Abigail Smith (1744-1818)
Wife of John Adams and first lady from 1797 to 1801 and the first first lady to live in the executive mansion (White House). Known for her intelligence and political insight, she had a distant but cordial relationship with DPM.

ADAMS, Louisa Catherine Johnson (1775-1852)
Daughter of an American merchant and wife of John Quincy Adams, Louisa Catherine Adams was first lady from 1825 to 1829. Between 1803 and her death she often resided in Washington (1803-1809, 1825-1829, 1831-1852) and knew DPM there.

ALLEN, Mary E. P. Jackson (1805-1881)
Niece of DPM, Mary Allen was the sole surviving daughter of Mary Payne Jackson and John G. Jackson. In 1824 she married John J. Allen who became a judge of the Virginia Court of Appeals. She remained in touch with DPM until DPM's death. (Stephen W. Brown, Voice of the New West

ALSTON, Theodosia Burr (1783-1813)
Daughter of Aaron Burr, superbly educated and a brilliant hostess, she married a wealthy South Carolina planter, Joseph Alston, in 1801. DPM had once been close to her father and remained in touch with TBA until her death.

ASTOR, John Jacob (1763-1848)
American fur trader, merchant, and financier who developed extensive connections with contemporary political leaders including James Madison. [During the War of 1812 he helped the U.S. government float bond issues to support the war effort.] By 1811 he was sending furs to DPM. In the 1840s she turned to him for financial help.