Pop! Culture and Dolley Madison

A famous hostess, her name and portrait were suggestive of good food and fine entertaining. Food companies and advertisers used her image to suggest that any woman could entertain, as did Dolley Madison. There were companies named after her: the Dolly Madison Bakery, the Dolly Madison Diary, and the Dolly Madison Ice Cream.

Dolly Madison Ice Cream
There was even Dolly Madison popcorn and Dolly Madison wine. These companies not only put her name on their own wares, they produced advertising collectibles that carried her name -- such as clocks and thermometers. There are still Dolly Madison snacking cakes and Dolly Madison Ice Cream. In one of the odder combinations that you will see on this site, Charles Schultz agreed in the late 1950s to let Dolly Madison cakes use Peanuts as a new advertising logo. We presume that the cake company was reluctant to change its name, but wanted a new "look" that would appeal to the youngsters of post-war America.