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Maria Crittenden

My dear Mrs. Madison

Mr Clay, Mr Crittenden and myself, beg you will excuse us, from partaking of your friendly dinner to day. Do let me know how your cold is, I hope the fine weather will soon restore your health.

Your affect Friend.
Dec 15th. 1837
M.K. Crittenden


Maria Innes Todd Crittenden (d. 1851) was connected to Dolley Madison both through her father, federal district judge Harry Innes - a former schoolmate and friend of James Madison - and through her first husband, John Harris Todd, the son of Lucy Payne Washington Todd's second husband. In 1826 Maria Todd married the politician John J. Crittenden (1786-1863). The Innes, Todd, and Crittenden families were all from Kentucky. John J. Crittenden was elected to the United States Senate in 1835, so he and Mrs. Crittenden were in Washington, D.C. the first year Dolley Madison returned to the city after her husband's death. John J. Crittenden and his wife were supporters and friends of the senior senator from Kentucky, Henry Clay (1777-1852).