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Resolved, unanimously, that a committee be appointed on the part of this House to wait on Mrs. Madison, and to assure her that whenever it shall be her pleasure to visit the House that she be requested to take a seat within the Hall. Ordered, That Mr. Saunders and Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll be the Said committee.

Caleb J. McNulty
Clerk, Ho Reps US


On January 9 Mrs. Madison responded with a letter of appreciation to the House:

Washington Jany. 9th. 1844

Permit me to thank you Gentlemen, as the Committee on the part of the House of Representatives, for the great gratification you have conferred upon me this day by the delivery of the favor from that Honorable Body allowing me a seat within its Hall. I shall be ever proud to recollect it, as a token of their remembrances, collectively and individually, of One who has gone before us!