Cemetery Documentation

If you have information about burial sites, family cemeteries, or church graveyards, please consider submitting the information to us (via the "How to Get Involved" link above) so that we can collate this information and present it to city planners as they coordinate Albemarle County's continued economic growth.

The next step you can take is to document the location of the cemetery, the number of burials, the names of the individuals buried in the cemetery, and any stories connected with the lives of the interred individuals. Sharing this information with local churches, historic societies, or local community members will enable future generations to learn about the lives and contributions of these individuals and preserve their final resting places.

If you are interested in recording a cemetery, please download the following pdf files and make the necessary copies. Or, you can import them into an excel spreadsheet and record the information with a portable computer. If you have questions about how to record cemetery information for African-American Cemeteries in Albemarle or Amherst county, please contact us.

Please consider sharing this information with the AACAAC project so that we can post it on-line for others and preserve the data for future generations.

Cemetery Recording Forms

1. Gravemarker Recording Form (to fill out for each gravestone in the cemetery).
To download a pdf file, click here.

2. Individual Recording Form (to fill out for each individual buried in the cemetery).
To download a pdf file, click here.