Cemetery Preservation

Without community involvement, these important resources will not be preserved for future generations. The inevitable erosion of stone and metal over time is difficult to stop without hiring professional conservators. But there are steps that you can take to preserve the history and memory of the individuals buried in these cemeteries.

Perhaps the most effective way to preserve and protect African-American cemeteries is to keep their history alive. The more community residents who locate, visit, and learn from these cemeteries, the easier it will become to protect these sacred and historic sites.

If you know of a local African-American cemetery that lacks a list of burials or that is missing from area maps (such as road maps or USGS Topographic maps), please follow the links above for "How To Get Involved" and report the cemetery so it can be documented.

If you (or your church, neighborhood, scout group, etc.) is interested in "adopting a cemetery" or getting access to an old family graveyard, please follow the links on the left for more information.