Washing. May 25th. 1804.

Long before this my dear sister & Brother [a]re safe & happy in Boston. I sigh for a [l]etter to tell me so. Yours from N. Haven I [a]nswered a few days ago -- since then I received <obscured> inclose'd letter. I am quite uneasy for our Beloved Mother who is now quite sick by her attendance on poor little Dolley whose eyes are in great danger--lovely blossom! Heaven send she may recover. Mama is now at the Sulpher Springs with her & I have sent her a remittance to keep them both there until they both recover. They are (Mama & Lucy) verry anxious to meet me in Orange, & I expect will do so in answer to my offer to send a Carriage for them now. They say they cant come directly. G. W. is verry unwell--talks of a visit to the West Indias for his symtom[s] of consuption. ers.

We have no prospect of going Home until july -- the Publick business will not allow Ms absence. We go on just as usial. We have had 2 partys this week Duval's & Dearborns--tonight at Thorntons--tomorrow night here. Mrs. Loid Mrs. Mason's sister will be here with a sister of Mrs. Prentis Smith & the little Circle left in the City. Kitty Murry still in G. T. She & Mrs. <obscured> send you a great deal of love. Mrs. Pichon has been in Baltimore 2 weeks -- she moves to the seven Buildings as soon as she returns. Mrs. Merry is still the same strange <?> -- she hardly associates with any one--allways rideing on Horseback.

I told you about my visit to Alexandria. Nelly is writing I hope she will amuse you with something new, as I can see nor hear of anything worth reciteing. John is well & reads your letters. I tell him to write you but you know his indolence in that emploimt.

I met judge <Linton?> at Dearborn's last night. He was particular in his enquirys & expressions of regard for you. Mrs. Forrest intends to write to you. M is verry busy & allways tells me to give you his best love &c. Payne is at school he has written to you but it is so bad that I tell him to write again.

Adieu my dear Anna allways your Affectinate sister <Hervey?> has gone to live in Richmond. Mr. <Busnal> his successor is a good deal like him in all but temper. The P. does not entertain company yet.