Monte Alto October 23rd. 1809

Why, my dear Sister, do you distress yourself on my account & allow alarms of danger & of Duels to reach you? Know you Not that I live now only for my Country, & if, in subserving its interest they cross my path shall your Brother pusillanimously skulk into a corner?

You must say no, my dear Sister, for I should be unworthy of the title you bestow on me if I acted thus.

Sometimes it happens when I set out in writing upon a topic out of the usual course of epistolary communications for the life of me I can not get set to rights unless I begin again. It is so now, perhaps my head runs too much on the party to be given me to-morrow in the neighborhood; preparatory to our military exercises which commence next day & last the whole week. When they have ended & I do well--for I am a sad correspondent when I am sick--I will write you a long letter & tell you with what sincerity I an & shall be as long as I live my dear Sister Yours affectionately

J G Jackson

The snuff arrived sound & good & I now take a pinch (in imagination) with you.