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Films indexed with the term : NAACP

Interview with Delegate James Thomson (WDBJ)
Interview with Samuel Tucker (WDBJ)
Interview with D. D. Harrell (WDBJ)
February 11, 1956
J. Lindsay Almond Comments on the NAACP (WDBJ)
Oliver Hill and other lawyers (WDBJ)
Governor J. Lindsay Almond Interview (WDBJ)
Summer 1958
WDBJ September Showdown Interview with Oliver Hill and Robert L. Carter (WDBJ)
July 13, 1958
Governor Almond Asks for Patience (WSLS)
September 23, 1958
Governor Almond Admits Futility in Fighting Court Ruling (WSLS)
January 30, 1959
NAACP Attorney Lawson Comments on Plans to Integrate SW VA Counties (WSLS)
April 23, 1959
Reuben Lawson Files Pulaski Integration Suit (WSLS)
March 25, 1960
NAACP meeting; Jr. Chamber takes kids shopping (WSLS)
December 14, 1961
Interview with Almond About Four Years As Governor (WDBJ)