African Americans in Central Virginia, 1864

Document-Based Question:
Slavery Under Stress

Level 3 activities

Option 1: Write a document-based question essay in which you use the following documents to answer this question: To what extent was the institution of slavery under stress in Central Virginia in 1864?

Option 2: Write an article for the Richmond Enquirer in which you evaluate the status of the Peculiar Institution in Central Virginia. Use the following documents to guide your conclusions.

A. Ira Berlin,Ed., Free At Last, Letter of Wyndham Robertson, January 13, 1864, pp.146-148

B. Excerpt of a WPA interview with Reverend Massey

C. Letter from Micajah Woods to his son John, spring 1864

D. Excerpts from the diary of Louisa Minor, January to March, 1864

E. Will of Shadrack Lively

F. Summary of the proceedings at Mayor's Court, Richmond Dispatch, February 16, 1864

G. Letter from Jefferson Peyton to John Hartwell Cocke

H. Excerpt of a WPA interview with Fanny Berry

I. Richmond Dispatch ads for runaway slaves, February 1864

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