Organized according to geographic territory encompassed, these pages contain materials that portray the emancipation experience on the transnational, national, regional, local, and individual levels. These primary sources show how diverse areas addressed the issue of emancipation as well as how African Americans operated within a newly defined society.


Around the world, abolitionists advocated for the emancipation of slaves. This map visualizes the emergence of influential abolitionists across the Atlantic and from the reign of Charles the V to the American Revolution.


Emancipation affected societal structures across the United States. These sources reveal African American migration patterns in addition to their various experiences with emanciption throughout the nation.

Within Augusta County, African Americans formed their own communities. These maps illustrate how they voted and lived within Augusta County.




African Americans created their own social networks to operate within the larger white community. This map reveals their daily interactions within the community.

Focusing on the individual African American experience, these maps locate and analzye where blacks lived in Augusta County.