Thompson Family Cemetery

Association: None
No. of Markers: 15 (View)
No. of Individuals: 11 (View)
Location: Private. Free Union, Albemarle Co.

The Thompson Family Cemetery lies on private property and was brought to our attention by a concerned land owner in 2002. He remembered several African-American families who had worked for his family in the past and lived nearby. Today the cemetery appears to be have been abandoned by the descendants, but is maintained by the land owner. The cemetery contains 10 gravestones, half of which are inscribd in either metal or concrete. The legible burials date between 1917 and 1954 and commemorate the deaths of individuals in the Thompson and Douglas family. Although no fence remains, there is a loose ring of cedar trees around the cemetery and two or three rows of burials.

Information from the J.F. Bell Funeral Database was invaluable in locating other individuals buried under now illegible markers in the cemetery. The Funeral Database, based on death certificates, lists three people as buried in the "Thompson Family Cemetery." These individuals include Annie (d. 1983) and Emmett (d. 1990) Thompson and James Givens (d. 1950). The last death certificate makes reference to the Thompson Family Homestead, suggesting that Thompson once owned land here in Free Union. We follow the death certificate information in calling this the "Thompson Family Cemetery" even though other families are buried here (e.g., Douglas and Givens).