Speed the Plough Farm Cemetery

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Location: Private. Amherst, Co.

The Speed the Plough Farm is an historic, Colonial-era plantation which contains at least three cemeteries on its property. The cemeteries inclued the Dearing Family, the Lee Family, and an African American Cemetery. The Dearing and Lee cemeteries contain inscribed stones (dating to the 19th century) and a handful of uninscribed gray fieldstones. Oral tradition holds that the African-American cemetery dates to the antebellum period. It contained 22 stones, a mixture of uninscribed fieldstones (seen at left) and inscribed, marble stones. The former may date to the ante-bellum period, while the latter date to the early 20th Century. A handful of stone are enclosed by an iron fence, perhaps demarking a family plot.

The black cemetery shares traits with other ante- and post-bellum African American cemeteries: a combination of inscribed and uninscribed stones. Moreover, it was located at the edge of a field (along an old fence line) in otherwise unfarmable land (due to the steep slope and the rocky terrain). If indeed the cemetery dates to the ante-bellum period, the inscribed stones may be the descendants of the enslaved community, preferring to be buried with their parents and grandparents. Or, the inscribed section may be associated with tenant farmers who worked at the farm in the post-bellum period.