Maury Family Cemetery

Association: Maury Plantation
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Location: Charlottesville, Albemarle Co.

The "Maury Cemetery" is named after the family that owned a neaby plantation, the Piedmont Plantation. Today this area is owned by the University of Virginia and contains dormitories and off-campus housing. The cemetery contains over 70 graves but there are no above-ground markers preserved. Instead, only faint depressions remain visible in a small patch of woods surrounded by roads. A commemorative sign, added by the University in 1984, reads "Graveyard Site: This area contains unmarked graves believed to be those of slaves owned by the Maury family, owners of Piedmont in the 19th Century."

If you drive to the Piedmont Housing Area (off JPA) you will see some of the original houses from the plantation era, including a farm house and part of a chapel. Old topographic maps indicate a white cemetery across JPA (near the modern-day Fontaine Research Park). This may have been the Maury Family Cemetery). In contrast, the slave cemetery was located about three-quarters of a mile from the plantation house. The name "Maury Cemetery" was assigned to it by the AACAAC project managers. Because no stones remain it is impossible to determine which families were buried here. Hopefully, additional archival research or oral history will provide us with information about the individuals buried in this graveyard.