Garland Family Cemetery

Association: None
No. of Markers: 55 (View)
No. of Individuals: 21 (View)
Location: Private. Albemarle Co.

The Garland Cemetery is typical for a cemetery that contains the graves of family members who decided to bury their dead together. In some cases this involved post-mortem journeys for the deceased in order to reunite them with their family members in death. Most of the families in this cemetery are related through blood and marriage ties. There are over 50 stones in the graveyard, but less than half contain legible inscriptions. Among the surviving inscriptions, several highlight the deceased's family ties. For example, Ellen Boyd (d. 1918) was commemorated by "Rest mother rest, in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep." Similarly, Mary Barber's (d. 1919) inscription read " She was a kind, and affectionate, wife, and a fond mother, and a friend to all." The loving sentiments behind these inscriptions are found on a certain percentage of gravestones from the late 19th and early 20th Century. So while they are not unique, they are a testament to the importance of kinship ties among these families.

As a rural, family cemetery, this burial ground contains many examples of folk carving, likely done by the surviving family members (rather than a professionally incsribed stone, purchased in town). The stone above is hand-carved in concrete and reads "Our Baby, Reaver McClemons," who died in 1919. Below is an overview of the cemetery which includes many non-native plantings that supplement the landscape of gravestones.