Flannagan Family Cemetery

Association: None
No. of Markers: 43 (View)
No. of Individuals: 14 (View)
Location: Private. Proffit.

The Flannagan Family Cemetery contains an interesting mixture of formal stones and hand-carved fieldstones. While some of the inscriptions are illegible, it was possible to read parts of the inscribed fieldstones. These folk inscriptions contained abbreviated names, like "A-IM" followed by a cursive "F," presumably for "Flannagan" (stone FLN007). Another stone, carved in concrete, reversed the order and abbreviated the first name as "D," spelling out the last name "Flannagan" (stone FLN009). Several of the Flannagan men served in World War I and are commemorated with formal, marble stones (seen here in the photo on the left).

The stones are arranged in clear lines, running north to south, located a couple-100 yards behind a family home. Ruins of an earlier home are in the woods on the short trail that leads to the cemetery. We observed 42 stones, representing about 28 individual burials (many with head and footstones and others marked by depressions). In the photo below the graves are interspersed with trees, which helps date the uninscribed stones (where a tree has grown in a depression since the burial).