Burton Family Cemetery

Association: None
No. of Markers: 35 (View)
No. of Individuals: 31 (View)
Location: Private. Albemarle County.

The Burton Family Cemetery is located on private property, owned by a Burton Family Member. The small graveyard sits on top of a hilltop, several dozen yards from a house. As of 2008, there are 35 burials, but the cemetery is still in use. The earliest stone dates to 1929 when Fannie Burton died at age 68. Two individuals were born prior to emancipation: Lee Burton (1852) and Fannie Burton (1861). Presumably these two individuals were married and constitute the first generation of Burton's buried in this cemetery.

The stones range from formal granite markers, to metal funeral home frames, and even a planted tree which saves a space for a future burial. In addition to Burtons, there are Bracketts, Whindletons, Grays, Childress, Scotts, Ransoms, and Washingtons buried here. Most are related to the Burton's via marriage or are the married names of daughters. Several family members served in the military and are buried under marble veteran's markers. The graves are laid out in orderly rows and many are decorated with flowers. Some graves contain multiple markers, e.g., a granite headstone accompanied by a metal funeral marker.

Other members of this North Garden family are buried at the Zion Baptist Church off Route 29 north.