Buck Mountain Creek Cemetery

Association: Unknown.
No. of Markers: 12 (View)
No. of Individuals: 0 (View)
Location: Earlysville, Albemarle Co.

The Buck Mountain Creek Cemetery is so-named for a nearby creek, that flows from the foothills of Buck Mountain towards the Rivanna River. The use of an environmental label is due to the difficulty in determining who used this cemetery. Today, the Buck Mountain Creek Cemetery is in the middle of a newly reforested area, about a mile from any modern road. The nearest features include a ruined log house, a corn crib, and a barn. The cemetery is south of Allen Road, named after a local 19th-Century farmer. The cemetery may be associated with another 19th-Century family farm, owned by the Seamonds. Research is on-going to determine who is buried in this cemetery.

The form of the gravestones is commonly found in both slave cemeteries and poor white and black cemeteries in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The cemetery contains 10 carved fieldstones, 2 unmarked depressions, and perhaps 8 burials (based on the association of possible head and footstones, seen below). In addition to the markers, there are several non-native plantings in and around the cemetery, including Holly trees and a yucca plant. While none of these would date directly to the ante-bellum period, they may be the ancestors of deliberate plantings that once decorated the cemetery.