Accounts of Meetings

Republican Mass Meeting

Charlottesville, Virginia

April 10, 1896

Odd Fellows Hall

Object: To elect a Chairman, Secretary, and a Committee for the City of Charlottesville to manage the municipal election which occurs in May 1896

(Several African Americans mentioned)

Mass meeting of city republicans called to order 9 P.M. by Col. J. Snowden Wood (county Republican Chairman) who explained the object of meeting which was to elect a Chairman, a Secretary, and a Committee for the City of Charlottesville to manage the municipal election which occurs in May 1896.

Col. Wood then announced it as being in order to perfect a Temporary organization. L.W. Cox was elected Temporary Chairman. T.B. Jones, Jr. elected Temporary Sec. On motion of S. Saunders a permanent organization was formed--L.W. Cox being unanimously elected chairman and T.B. Jones Jr. Secretary of the City. R.H. Fife of the county made some very interesting and instructive remarks.

On motion by J.T.S. Taylor a committee of five--one from each ward and one from the city at large--was appointed by the chair to make nominations for the City Committee--said committee to consist of five committeemen from each ward. The Chair apppointed J.T.S. Taylor--at large, Chairman; Noah Jackson 1st Ward; G.P. Inge, 2nd ward; C.E. Coles, 3d ward; Chas. Goodloe, 4th ward.

While committee on nominations were out a collection of $1.72 for the hall was taken. Remarks made by Messrs. J.H. Cary, Geo. Kennie, Col. Wood, Samuel White, and Maj. Col. Wing. Committee returned and made the following report (see last page) which was unanimously adopted. Motion by Maj. Wing that it be the sense of the meeting to endorse a candidate for the mayorality--said candidate to announce himself as candidate for the office. Motion was argued by Messrs Samuel White, R.H. Fife, G.P. Inge and Spot Lee. The following amendment was offered by Mr. R.H. Fife that it be the sense of the meeting to support Capt. J.H. Rives for mayor. Major Wing withdrew his motion in favor of the amendment--after which the latter was carried there being only one dissenting vote. Chair named place and time for the meeting of committee which will be held at 240 W. Main St. Tuesday Apl. 14th 1896 at 8 P.M. Motion to adjourn (carried)

T.B. Jones, Jr., Sec.

Republican Committee Meeting

Charlottesville, Virginia

April 14, 1896

240 West Main Street

Object: Capt. J.H. Rives explained his method of procedure if elected mayor and canvassars appointed from each ward committee.

(Recommended canvassars listed, includes African American committeemen)

City Committee called to order by chairman Cox--present 16 committeemen and Capt. J.H. Rives. Capt. Rives explained his method of procedure if elected Mayor. Remarks of interest by Messrs. G.P. Inge, S. Saunders and J.H. Cary.

Chairman explains the plans on which he intends to operate the municipal campaign. Motion by J.T.S. Taylor that the Chair appoint canvassers to thoroughly canvass the wards, which was withdrawn and following motion offered--That one canvasser be appointed from each ward committee and the Chair at any time use his own discretion in removing either of the canvassers recommended by the committee or in appointing others to co-operate with those recommended (carried).

Following canvassers were recommended by their respective committeemen. Alfred Prescott--1st Ward. Willie Commadore [sic]--2nd Ward. T.B. Jones Jr.--3rd Ward. Louis Wayland--4th Ward.

Regular weekly meetings will take place, Monday nights. Adjourned

T.B. Jones Jr. Sec.

Republican City Committee Meeting

Charlottesville, Virginia

April 20, 1896

240 West Main Street

Object: To discuss convention to be held at Harrisonburg

City Committee called to order by L.W. Cox--Chairman. 14 members present.

After considerable discussion was had concerning the convention to be held at Harrisonburg, the following resolutions by Mr. G.P. Inge were unanimously adopted. Resolved: That we believe it was the overwhelming sentiment of the convention of March 30th 1896, which represented the people of this County and City, that Capt. J.H. Rives should be sent as a Delegate to St. Louis. That this sentiment has not changed, but is now more in favor of Capt. Rives than ever. We therefore urge our Delegates to vote for Capt. Rives and thus prove that they are really Representative men, obedient to the wishes of their Constituents, and ready to voice the will of the majority of our Party. Resolved: That a copy of these resolutions be furnished to each Delegate. Secretary was then ordered to prepare copies as per resolutions. Adjourned to meet Apl. 27th 1896.

T.B. Jones Jr., Sec.

City Republican Committee meeting

Charlottesville Va June 18th 1901

Y.M.C.A. House

At a regular Call meeting of the City Republican comittee the following Committee was apointed to assist in taking car[e] of the State Republican nomanatig [sic] convention which meets in this city August 21st next.

On hotel accomodation and Invitation