The Jamestown Newsletter

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Discipline: U.S. History

Specific Lesson Topic: Daily life and events in the Jamestown colony

Methodology: Primary Sources




1. Introduce students to the following sites:

2. Give students a few possible topics for their stories. Encourage them to think about what settlers would want and need to read about in a newsletter.

3. Have students look for pictures or graphics to accompany their story.

4. Using a basic word processing program that will allow graphics and or pictures to be inserted, have students work together to design a newsletter that incorporates the entire class' stories. It is useful to divide students into groups with specific tasks, e.g. naming the newsletter and designing a graphic, laying out the articles and images, checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Assessment for K-12:

Once students read their completed class newsletter, have each person write a letter home to their family in Britain that synthesizes several of their peers' stories from the newsletter. Encourage them to draw some generalizations about life in Jamestown.


National History Standards: Standards in Historical Thinking

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