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Slave Ownership in the Shenandoah Valley

Creative writing
Write a report from a London journalist having completed her investigation on slavery in the Valley of Virginia. Her report could include the following: 1. basic statistics on slave ownership, 2. relationship between masters and slaves, as depicted in the Augusta newspapers, 3. economic activity most slaves performed.

Traditional essay questions
Even though only a small percentage of Augusta families owned slaves, slave holders and slave holders' interests dominated the county. Assess the validity of this statement.

Slave holders defended slavery on the grounds that it was a fundamentally humane institution. How did they make the case that it was humane, and to what extent do you think they actually believed what they said and wrote?

Use this class period to search the Valley of the Shadow archives, take notes, and write a basic outline for your paper.

After you have shared your findings with the other teams in your group, edit your outline as you feel is necessary.

Your assignment for tonight is to turn your notes into a draft of a final paper.

Research suggestions: