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Women in the Civil War

Creative writing
Write a newspaper article by a London journalist on women in the American Civil War. Your article might include the following: effect of war on daily life (such as inflation, shortages, deaths of family members, and military occupation), their perception of enemy armies, perception of enemy civilians, role (if any) they played in the "war effort," if their attitude about the war or its underlying causes changed over the course of the war.


Traditional essay
To what extent did the war "expand" women's traditional sphere of home and family? Consider both the effects of the war on their daily lives and their involvement in the war effort.

Use this class period to search the Valley of the Shadow archives, take notes, and write a basic outline for your paper.

After you have shared your findings with the other teams in your group, edit your outline as you feel necessary.

Your assignment for tonight is to turn your outline into a paper.

Research suggestions: