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Yates to ?, March 28th 1780

Virga. Fredsburg March 28th 1780

My dear Sir
Your favour of 28th ulto. with one from my Brother John per Flagg are safe at hand and for which you will please accept my warmest thanks - inclosed you have second of Dr C Mortimers Bill - how the former went without endorsation can only be accounted for by my rustiness in business of this sort - I have not yet been told the exact sum you advanced Capt. John Willis in consequence of my Letter to you by that gent. By Mr. Geo. McCall's accot. Curt. rendered me I had creditt with him 58..7..6 sterlg. from which deduct my Bill in your favour for 23 ---- remained 30..7..6. this Ballance I woud have apply'd to Capt. Willis's use, but observe that the first creditt is included therein - and your advising Mr. McCall thereof will answer equally with a Bill, as I have closed his account in my Ledger ---
When you write that gent. please present my respectfull compliments to him & Family with request that he will inform some of my relations of my wellfare -------
Your friends here, -- to which title all who had the happiness of your acquaintance put in claim - rejoice when they hear of your health. The poor Gray nagg disorder proved incurable
Harry continues a good servant on the whole but still has a little propensity to his old failing - being well fed & cloathed & having as much grogg given to him as he ought to have, lays him so open to rebuke when he transgresses (which is not often) that I have gained an entire ascendancy over him & was I to live at my Farm he woud be quite as I wish him.
To such of my former acquaintances as you have oprty please present my compliments & believe me with unaltered regard my dear sir
Your very hble servt
Chas. Yates

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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