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Yates to Benjamin Grymes, May 13, 1775

Fredsburg May 13th 1775

Mr Benjn. Grymes
Your long Letter of yesterday which was deld. me by one of Mr. Julians Negro's whilst I was at Dinner for I never saw the messenger, is now only answered because I woud avoid showing disrespect to any gent. but in instances it can not be esteemed so when you are now informed it is exceedingly disagreeable to me to engage in contentious subjects in this way - more especially as people in heat may make use of expressions which by construction of those equally warm are lyable to be invested to meanings not intended - besides experience has taught me that when two persons differ much in sentiment it is best to avoid disputation.-----
I wrote you that the Fence my overseer put up was only with view to keep his Plow Horses, calves from straying at that time it was not known your purpose to tend this ground which joins it and it woud have saved the labour Darnaby used not for the purpose I mentioned - as to keeping up the Hogs only along them - I look upon it as the same or worse than knocking them on the Head - I only want to raise a few for the Plantations use & have given orders for all the small sort which exceed what what [sic] I think are necessary for that purpose, to be put up and fattened for sale after this if you are injured by them I cannot help it - being willing that you make any addition to the Fence which appears necessary to prevent them getting in - and having given Darnaby a repetition of former orders to avoid doing you or any other of his neighbours, any prejudice which I believe he has always avoided as far as in him lay, by taking care of his stock & keeping the slaves in order - in short I think the man carefull of my interest and having never discovered in him nor before heard from others any of the bad qualitys imputed in your Letter - must suppose you are mistaken - as to the sow you mention; I remember he showed one once (then small) about twelve months since which he told one Wm. Richards said he believed was one of Mr Spotswoods but being unmarked he woud have nothing to say to him - I afterwards spoke to Mr. Richards & had the same answer - in the fall she appeared to be with Pigg & staying constantly with my Hoggs; I had her appraised agreeably to Law - she afterwards struck her Piggs and being not likely for a Breeder she was put up with others & killed you must believe, if any application had been made to me she might have been had, and even now if you only think she was yours I have no objection to paying the appraised value but at same time must think it woud have been better that you had taken her away ---- Many summer Ducks using the Mill Pond last Fall I desired Mr. Darnaby to try if he coud take a few of them in a Trap as I shoud have been glad to had some sent to England - I believe he used his endeavours & set a Trap & baited it in your stubble as it woud have been in vain to try in mine where all the stock went - however he failed in his purpose by the Hoggs getting to the Trap - in this I cannot conceive you received any injury - however he has now my orders to prevent even the appearance of doing any - nor to interfere with yours or any other persons affairs where it is not necessary to preserve any property which it is his business & duty to do - I shall only now add that if you will get any gentleman of character to take the trouble of making out to me what ought to be done in both sides - I shall use my best endeavours to follow his instructions otherways In shall pursue that line of doing as I woud be done by & preventing others from doing to me what I woud not do to them as far as is in my power
I am sir
Chs. Yates.

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, pp. 159-160. 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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