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Yates to Samuel Martin, May 11, 1775

Virga. Fredsburg May 11th 1775

Saml. Martin Esqr.
Your favour 27th Febry from Glasgow & March 6th from Wthaven & c are duly at hand - our acquaintances here tell us that on the 28th Febry. you struck with the Glasgow Gent. at 3 d. with French Discounts & from them & other late advices we learn the various prices given through the winter at different Ports - who you refer to as the Capital houses, contending in London we are not informed, but set down Messers. Harris & Co. from their various purchases as one of them -- from the crops I shipped in 1772, 1773, 1774 & what has been sent of since last Octor. & will go in 2 Months if the Exports are not stopt in that time - it appears to me that Europe must have at least 2 years stock beforehand unless the conservation is much increased - so that all which has been doing lately must be on speculation & depends on the determination of the present unhappy disputes, which ending favourably in the Course of Twelve Months must play the deuce with monopolizers as full crops of Tobacco will be planted this spring ---- The Wmsburg Meeting will not I think be before the beginning of June the gent. on this River purpose being at our Fair which is the 22d inst. indeed such is the uncertainty of what may happen from day to day that one knows not what to do or expect. a late movement of our governours in taking 20 Bars. gunpowder from the Magazine threw the whole colony into such a ferment, as you can hardly conceive every one in motion to March down the Country - we had in this in Town 600 Men in Hunting Shirts well accoutered that I am convinced woud have marchd to Boston if desired or attempted any possible service - with some difficulty they were stopped from going to call the Govr. to accot. & prevail'd on to return to their homes - as also were the People from other quarters - except one Party which got within 16 miles of Wmsburg. where the Receiver Genl. met them & made a Deposit equal to the value of the Powder & assurances have been generally given that in case of Insurrection of Negroes - the Powder shall be deld. up - after this Transaction & accots. from Boston of an affair between Genl. Gages Troops & the Provincials of which we have as yet no circumstantial accot. to be depended on although it is well confirmed the former were oblig'd to make a precipitate retreat for 20 Miles & sustained great loss. one of the Delegates for this colony then here gave it as his opinion all exports to G Brittain woud be stopped instantly on the meeting of the Continental Congress at Philadelphia which was yesterday. I hear the Marylanders have given it in instructions to their Delegates although little of their Tobo. is yet sold - and a motion from these 2 Colonys who are principally concerned in the measure will easily go down more especially considering the result of the Parliaments resolves - every body here are pushing to get what Tobo. they can away -- [illeg.] Capt. Harris wrote me his hand & ct. his ship I [illeg.] about the 6th June - if it is in my power to render my assistance towards her dispatch it will give me great pleasure being always Your most obed hble servt.
Chas. Yates

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, p. 158. 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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