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Yates to John Duncan, October 11, 1774

Virga. Fredsburg Octor. 11th 1774

Capt. John Duncan
I have before me your favour of the 9th Augt. and am now to inform you that Mr D Payne has not been able to get the Money for Bond left with him, neither has Mr James Allan made me any proposal, those he expected to receive from having put him off till the Genl. Court at Williamsburg - Your Negro Man was set up at Vendue at our Races, but coud not get him sold - I got two or three friends to bid in hope that somebody woud have put in but not a soul woud offer a farthing he was set again at Thirty Pounds agreeable to your direction, & I had him raised a Crown & ten shillings at a time till he got as high as 32.5.0 but it answered no purpose--The fellow has had a worm in his well Leg this summer but now seems to be mended & he is fatt & hearty looked as any Negro I know having well fed in my Kitchen - but such is the extreme scarcity of Cash that nothing will fetch it - I set up at same time with Ditto two exceeding likely & saleable young Negroes of Houston's Estate that were appraised lately to 150 & coud not get a farthing bid for them but by people I employed one was a Blacksmith & the other a shoemaker & coud Sixty Pounds a piece been got for them they woud have been struck off - three years ago they woud have fetched 100 a piece----My opinion is you had best order your slave to Rhode Island if he will fetch anything there or give direction to have him bartered for Flower Corn or Wheat - set the lowest value you coud take & I will do the best I can, or if you direct any of your countrymen coming here to try what they can do with him he shall be delivered to your order.
I am very sorry matters shoud stand thus especially as you must want money to fitt out - but to serve you as far as in my power, I now send you by Capt. John Cahoon Two hundred Dollars value Sixty pounds 60.0.0 which I place to accot. as follows - Thirty Pounds which I advance for James Allan as Security to his Bond, what little thereof remains after 9.7.7 I paid you in April & the chairs he sent you to be settled between us in future - The other Thirty Pounds in part of your Coast Commisson. which is as much as you are now intitled to from our Receipts for sales after deducting 7.5.0 as your proportion of Expence on shore which I have settled as near as in my power to do you & the Messers. Vernon equal Justice - This last payment & the expences I have advised them of as the other Negro Debts are collected shall remitt your proportion but as you are going to sea it will be necessary that you give instructions to whom the remittances of remainder of your Coast Commission and the Bond in Mr Paynes hands must be sent - Wishing you all happiness I am sir
Your obed hble servt.
Cha. Yates

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, p. 109. 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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