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Yates to Henry Ellison, July 21, 1774

Virga. Fredericksburg July 21st 1774.

Henry Ellison Esqr.
My last to you was the 28th April with Bull, Moor Fauntleroy on Clay & Medgley of Liverpool for Fifty pounds Sterling, to which refer - since then I have your favours of Februy. 6th & 23d & March 7th 11th also Mr Thomas Harrison 19th April covering Flemings Bill protested - contents of all duly noted & will be carefully attended to ---- I have not seen Lee but he is advised that I have Mr Mollisons Letter & hope the matter may be settled in this year. Mr. John Chambers's watch & sundry other Things are now sent to your care by the Ann Capt James Thompson & the old Gentleman dowsed in such a manner as will I hope prevent his giving you further trouble. Your sale of Bransty is mentioned by several amongst the rest your friend S.M. says O! 'tis a pitty - probably he means that you did not let the New vested Baronet have it & get paid when he was on the humour or agree like his Carlisle Creditors to take 13/4 in the pound -- I could not but the sale was made after full consideration & will prove to your Familys advantage & content & under the circumstance of Law arguments being professed of the Tryal which you gave him power to sink pitts & cutt the Land to pieces with Waggon ways, exclusive of having a Parcell of black Devils destroying any Thing they could lay hold of. I think you have got a good price and done better than disposing of your Northumberland Estate, which is capable of much improvement & will be a constant field of amusement as well as profitt -- After Thanking you for your Cask of Porter, let me put you in mind of your promise to send me a couple of young pointers, which wou'd really have been a much more acceptable present -- Game is so plenty here that there is no withstanding going after it. I purpose to commence shooter in Septembr. if I can find Time - as yet I have not fired a Gun since I saw you, which has partly been for want of a Dog - therefore shall still be obliged to you for assistance next spring or first good oprty. for Rapa. River - Wood or Thompson would have been excellent hands this year both coming to the very spot I cou'd with, Capt Wood promised me to get you a good Cedar Logg- The best Time to strip Hams is early in the Spring & you may depend I will have some cured early, that they may arrive in England in perfection our summer Heats make it difficult to preserve them clear of skippers or marks till the Fall----After Mr. William Templemans Death there was no remittance made of Mr. Hows Effects till my arrival & since I have only sent Mr Lowthwaite Two Hundred and Ninety Three pounds Eleven Shillings & four pence Sertg. [Sterling] I have at present Money in Hand to remitt when I can procure Bills & had hope that by October something handsome might be done, but the the [sic] confusion every thing is like to be thrown into may probably prevent it. Our Courts have been at a stand since the unlucky first of June, when the port of Boston was shutt up we are to have a general meeting of our Assembly Men at Wms.burg but not in their Legislative capacity on the first of August, to come to Resolutions how to instruct Deputies who are to appear for them at a General Congress of all the American Governments to be held the 1st of September (supposed in Philadelphia) what will be the result of that meeting, time must show, it is generally talked here that the most effectual method of bringing the Ministry to reason will be to stop all exports to & imports from Great Britain & the West India Islands, which must distress Trade greatly & make those concerned throw their weight in the in the Balance to obtain redress of grievances--This happening will of course put an End to all Law proceedings or make them lie dormant, for there can be no Debts paid if people cannot dispose of their Effects where [sic] they inclin'd to do it, which unhappily for me they are not.---
I have on hand about 250 Virg. Money to be remitted you when I can get a Bill to be depended on, as for the Rest what I have above said will show what you may expect, be blue or yellow so that you can make it for your interest & get a general repeal of all the iniquitous acts respecting America, that have been made since the Decease of his late Majesty - attend to them & you will I am sure join me in the name I have given them---Nothing as yet effectually done in Mr Hicks's affairs, it is near 3 months since I sent over the papers to mr Jennings, Councillor at Annapolis & cannot get a line from him - If I do not get answer to what I wrote him last post must go over there - of this shall advise you particularly when the Business is done-----I have great complaints from my Brother Jack about certain damage done by your Gray Arabian at Penwith - I think them not well grounded & if he continues to grumble woud advise you to bring an Action agt. him - Pled Trespass on the Case Damage Thurty one pounds Ten Shillings - which you have sustained - In your next say if you purpose Otterburn to be your general Residence who is to be my correspondent in Wt.haven in your behalf any remittances I make will be more speedily negociated there than in Northumbd. My very respectful Compliments & most sincere good Wishes attend Mre Ellison & your young Family & for the present conclude me
Your obliged & obed. Servt.
Chs. Yates

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, pp. 92-94. 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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