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Yates to Capt. John Duncan, July 12, 1774

Virga. Fredsburg July 12th 1774

Capt. John Duncan
Your favour of 7th June per Capt. Norris is sent up to me by Colo. Jno. Thornton who continues still indisposed more so than when you left us - We have no advices from Messers Vernons since you sailed neither do we expect they will write us further at a future day concerning your Cash commissions except to direct what deduction is to be made therefrom for your Negro's Expences whilst on shore which we wish you to have settled & advise us that we may know what to remitt - Mr D Payne has yet got in none of your money - Neither has Mr James Allan pd. any to me but I dare say will in a very short time - his delay has been owing to a severe fitt of sickness which confined him a Month to his Bed from which he is now just recovering - He has sent you the 12 doz Chairs price 30/ a Chair. -- Your Negro Man is with me & I fear like to stick on hand on acct. of his business - I have frequently offered him for sale but in vain - Pray write me whether you woud have him vendued [auctioned] off at any of our Courts or at September Fair & set the lowest price you woud agree to let him go at Ready Money - I do not think he will fetch more than about 25 - however in the mean time he is no expence to you - Wishing you all happiness I am very truly sir
Your most hble servt
Chs. Yates

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, p. 89. 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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