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Yates to John Tazewell, March 7, 1774

Fredsburg March 7th 1774

Mr John Tazewell
In the Fall 1772 a Mulatto Man slave named Emanuel belonging to Payne Moor & Co (say Charles Yates, Daniel Payne & Edward Moor) ran away from them, and was as far as I am informed carried out of the colony by Capt. George Taylor of the Three Sisters from James River for London--said Taylor is now master of the ship John in Mr. Backhouse's employ & expected very soon in James River, and I shall be much obliged to you for having a suit brought against him immediately on his arrival that the matter may be determined in the Court of York, or Hustings before his sailing again, which I presume may be the case if Mr. Russell pays his compliments to him at the office when his ship is entered - dispatch may be farther serviceable as the Person who was Capt. Taylor's Mate in the Three Sisters is now in Rapa. & may be made use of at the Tryal (is named Nathaniel Pendleton Mate of the Liberty Capt Charles Alexander of Liverpool) His testimony will be that Capt. Taylor lured & carried out of the colony a Mulatto Man, answering in every point the description which will be given & proved of Emanuel, a Deposition taken last year of a seaman who was expected in this Spring but is gone upon the coast of Guinea will prove that Emanuel was in London & that the deponent knew him well in Virga. and was told by him that he had been hired on board the Three Sisters by Capt. Taylor---The Mate informs me further that there were two gentlemen passengers on Board the Three Sisters-one going home for orders, who is since as he hath heard mention'd & settled in a Parish on James River-his name forgot-but he is a little deformed, which with examining the Custom House Books may be means of finding him out & having the benefitt of his Testimony - I take the Liberty to request you will offer something more (whatever you think right) than the usual fee to Mr. Russell that he may be on the watch & not let slip the oprty. of serving such process as you direct immediately on Capt. Taylors arrival - for exclusive of receiving value of a slave that would have sold perhaps for 100 sterlg. or more as he was an excelent waterman & I believe the best worker at Rigging or sails of any slave in the colony - which you will think no triffle - I would be glad to have an example made of the Capt. to deter others from comitting such robberies------after suit is commenced you will please advise me what you think necessary on my part, to bring it to an agreeable issue & obliged
Your obed. & hble servt.
Chs. Yates

P.S. Since writing the above, Capt. Chas. Alexander informs me he expects his ship will be in Liverpool by the beginning of June, so that we can only hope for his Mate's Deposition, which perhaps Capt. Taylor should have notice of to attend if he pleases of this please advise & direct yours as before

See ad for "Manuel" Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, November 19, 1772, one who got away?

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