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Yates to George Abyvon, Feb. 17 1774

Fredsburg Febr. 17th 1774--

Capt. George Abyvon
per Capt Massenburg
Dear Sir
I have not yet heard from Mr Gilbert about your Negro wench Edie I offered her to him for 65 ready Money on good Flower &; sld. here at 12/6 - Your other woman to the care of M E Moor is likely to turn out better than expected having lately produced a boy quite unexpected so that its more than probable her indisposition was caused by her pregnancy. --- In turn I have now to request your Favour in the disposal of a Negro Man who will be delivered to you by Capt. Massenburg - his Name Caesar aged about 28 the property of Philip Sowerby's Estate on which I administered & having sold the whole except this scabby sheep whom nobody will purchase that knows him - Yet he was appraised by good Men on their oaths at 80 -- in short he is a fine fellow by Water to which he served a regular apprenticeship or as a common Carpenter but so given to running away that I think it impossible to retain him - and as I would not impose on any body in a Bargain unless some one will give a reasonable Price with all his faults made known I would have him sent for sale to the best Market you think coud be met in the Islands--If it coud be done as I have him only by administratorship, I would rather have him sold to somebody that will carry him to the West Indies perhaps in this way he might be quit of for almost Sixty Pounds if not I must stand by the sales & depend on your friendship to make him turn out to the most advantage for Sowerby's Estate---. . .
your abundantly obliged Servt.
Ch. Yates

[See ad for Caesar, Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, September 23, 1773 , and Virginia Gazette (Rind), September 30, 1773, Virginia Gazette, or Norfolk Intelligencer (Duncan), Norfolk, June 9, 1774. Caesar was captured, sold to the West Indies, returned to Norfolk on a ship and ran away again.

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[Charles Yates Letterbook, p. 51. 1773-1783 The Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia #3807 (micro M 570-P)]


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