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Virginia Gazette (Rind),
Williamsburg, March 3, 1774.

RUN away from the subscriber, in April last, a Virginia born Negro named Charles, of small stature, about 50 years of age, a little grey, has a large mouth, and thick lips, and is by trade a shoemaker. He formerly belonged to the Jones's and the late William Montague, of Middlesex, and had at wife at Colonel Gawin Corbin's, which makes it probable he is lurking in that neighbourhood, or on the Dragon, where he is well acquainted, or in the lower end of Essex. Whoever will convey him to me, at Morattico, in Lancaster county, shall have a reward of FIVE POUNDS, or TWENTY SHILLINGS for securing him in any gaol, and giving me notice thereof so that he may be had again, besides what the law allows. RAWLEIGH DOWNMAN.


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