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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: November 18, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Charlottesville Letter

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Holiday is fast approaching and our city is putting on its holiday dress as well. The boys are taking to themselves the daughters of men. Mr. W.L. Coleman and Miss S. Vandoren were made one by Rev. Goodall on the first. AS this letter is going to press, I see that Mr. Green is booked for this week.

Rev. Mrs. Goodall whose health runs down now and then when she goes home to mama, returned last Wednesday from her home in Charleston, S.C., and presented Dr. Goodall with a bucksome little daughter of three months. We welcome Miss Lauretter Barns Goodall, the little stranger, to our city.

The Beulah Club of Mt. Zion, celebrated its first anniversary with flags and a special address by Dr. Goodall. He appeared in his happy spirits, and all went away highly pleased. The door receipts were good.

Rev. Truatt will soon lead his flock into their handsome new building which they hope to be ready by the middle of December.

We are glad to note our young men are beginning to hustle and those who have no work are moving off in search for something to do. God bless you, young men. Pity the man who has not push enough to hunt work. We must depend more on the strength God has given us and less on Providence to feed us like birds.

Mrs. Wingfree has our sympathy in the death of little Montgomery, whose funeral took place from the First Baptist church, on Monday.

Summary of Article
This article provides a general synopsis of current events in Charlottesville. During the past week, the city was making preparations for the upcoming holiday season. As is normal for this time of year, many marriages have been planned and couples are making the final preparations for the ceremonies. Also of interest was the birth of Lauretter Barns Goodall, the daughter of the Reverend and Mrs. Goodall. Reverend Goodall also participated in the Beulah Club's celebration of its first anniversary. The celebration left everyone in attendance in high spirits.

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