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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: November 11, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Personals and Briefs

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Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Angel of Charlottesville, Va., called on us.

Summary of Article
The Personals and Briefs section provides information about the travel plans of local community members. This week, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Angel of Charlottesville are visiting Richmond.

Column 06

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Our boys were very grateful to Mrs. R.D. Bowser for her most helpful talk which she gave them last Sunday, 4 p.m. As usual the boys were out in full.

The Men's Meeting Sunday was good and the men were ready to speak for Christ. How many of us hesitate to say a word for the one who has bought us by his precious blood.

Our fifth anniversary was celebrated at the Second Baptist Church, last Sunday, 7:15 p.m. A short song service was conducted by brother R.J. Bass. Then the programme for the occasion was rendered. Invocation by Rev. J.E. Jones, D.D. Singing by the congregation. Reading of the scriptures by Sec'y W.A. Hunton. Prayer by Rev. W.W. Browne, President of the True Reformer's Bank.

In brief and pointed way our President R.T. Hill spoke of the year's work then followed the report of the General Secretary, S.C. Burrell. There were ten youths transferred from the Junior Department to the Association. This shows that the work is having the desired effect. The president of the Junior Department, Mr. Frank Bolling, read an excellent paper; Mrs. George W. Lewis, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, proved by her remarks that she understands what the Ladies Auxiliary is to the young men. We feel by her remarks that much good will come to the work. Rev. W.W. Browne was very much impressed by the work done among the boys, so much so as to bring him to his feet and cause him to endorse the work by an encouraging speech and his means. Rev. L.B. Goodall, D.D., who delivered the special address, was so crowded for time that it was impossible for him do himself justice, nevertheless our brother showed to us that he came to us with his heart full of good things from the Lord. We hope to have him come again soon. Richmond lives everything that is good. On the account of the lateness of the hour, Secretary W.A. Hunton did not speak. This we regretted very much. We wish to thank the church, choir, the public and friends for their help.

Prof. G.R. Hovey will explain the Sunday school lesson, Saturday, (today) at 5:30 p.m.

Secretary W.A. Hunton will address the boys Sunday at 4 p.m.

Week of Prayer begins Sunday, ending Saturday, November 18th.

The Men's Meeting will be conducted by brother W.A. Hunton, Sunday, 5:30 p.m. Subject, "Have I welcomed and entertained the guest?" - Matt. 21:10-11; Rev. 3:20, and John 14:23.

During our week of prayer we ask every home to remember us. When you pray for us you will bring help to yourselves.

Rev. W.W. Landrum, D.D., will lecture November 20 at the First Baptist church for the benefit of the Association. Admission 15 cts.

Summary of Article
This article provides an update of the current proceedings of the Richmond Chapter of the YMCA. During the last week, the Richmond Chapter celebrated its fifth anniversary at the Second Baptist Church with a program filled with prayer, song, and speech. Several guest speakers attended the event and provided the young members of the YMCA with words of encouragement and praise. The article also announces the Richmond Chapter's upcoming events including a week devoted to prayer.

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Column 04
Rev. Hardy's Fine Treatment.

Transcript of Article

Charlottesville, Va. Nov. 3.-Mr. Editor-

As we were sitting before a bright November fire reading as happy as a couple could be, we were startled at hearing strange voices at our front door. Mr. Hardy went to see what it meant, and as he opened the door, in rushed a number of little girls and one boy, and they began to sing so sweetly until I was lost in wonder what this could mean. I heard them ask for me, and in a few minutes they were all around me. Package after package was handed me until my table was full. And as I sat there in amazement at this that had happened I asked myself who could have told these dear children to treat us thus, when one of them of her own accord said, "Mrs. Hardy, we do not want you to think you are among strangers, for we love you."

And indeed they do, for they did not only say so but demonstrated what they said, for my table was groaning under its burden of good things which these dear little ones had brought me.

We sang, read, and amused them until their little hearts were made glad after which they quietly returned to their homes.

Summary of Article
This is an amusing little article about a visit the Rev. and Mrs. Hardy received one night from some young children. The children, bearing gifts, surprised the Hardys with song and dance immediately upon entering their home. It seems that these young children has desired to express their love of the Reverend and wife, and so decided to surprise them. The merry occasion lasted until the children were satisfied, at which time, they retired to their homes.

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