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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: October 28, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Charlottesville, Va., Oct. 23 --[special]--

At the First Colored Baptist Church last Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Miss Nannie L. Brown became the bride of Mr. Adison F. Angel. Quite a large number of the friends of the contracting parties witnessed the ceremony, which was very impressively performed by Rev. L. Baxter Goodall, pastor of the church. The ushers were Messrs. Charles Brown (best man), John Coles, Jr., Troy Kenney, Wm. Fasset, John Thomas and Aaron Payne. The bride who is the attractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown of Fridge Street was tastily attired in a handsome Brown traveling suit which was peculiarly becoming to her style of beauty and carried in her hand a bouquet of cream roses. She is very popular among a wide circle of friends in this city. Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Angel took the 3:18 o'clock train for Richmond, Va., the groom is a very popular young man of this city and the regular correspondent of the Planet, the popularity of the newly wedded couple was attested by the large number of handsome presents received.

Mr. James Michie has returned home from the Warm Springs.

Miss V.M. Brooks who has been visiting in Richmond returned home recently.

Mr. Major Gibbons continues very sick.

Mr. Joseph Gatewood, Jr., has returned home from the West.

Mr. Jas. H. Barcus has opened an office and undertaking rooms at 266 W. Main Street. He can accommodate you living or dead.

The Planet Representative never tires from giving his friends the latest items.

Summary of Article
This article provides a general synopsis of current events in Charlottesville. Of primary interest the past week was the union of Miss Nannie L. Brown and Mr. Adison F. Angel. The grand marriage ceremony, held in Charlottesville, hosted a large audience and was marked by extravagance and grandeur. The article describes the brides' wedding gown as a "handsome Brown traveling suit which was peculiarly becoming to her style of beauty" and continues by expressing the popularity of both parties to the marriage. Following the wedding, the couple departed for a stay in Richmond.Cephas

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