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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 16, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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People's Column

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Miss Lottie Brooks of Charlottesville, Va. is visiting Mrs. J. Francis Robinson of N. 3rd St.

Column 06
Charlottesville Notes

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Many Items of Interest Carefully Culled Pressed and Cut Short in Newsy Spaces of Weekly Doings.

The marriage of Miss Bettie Kilbert to Mr. Armstead Carr was solemnized at the First Baptist Church last Thursday evening at 9 o'clock by Rev. L.B. Goodall.

Mr. John Norris has returned home from the springs.

Miss Ida Brooks, who has been visiting the city, left last week for N.Y. city.

Mr. Burnett Watkins, who has been visiting in this city left for Baltimore, last Tuesday morning.

Read the Planet and learn how the race is progressing.

Miss Lizzie Schanks left the city last week for Washington, D.C.

Mr. Wm. Williams, of south 12th St., is an expert cigar maker.

Our friends from various summer resorts are rapidly returning to the city.

A grand social was given at the residence of Mrs. Jessie Farrar on Water St., in honor of the visitors of the city, viz: Misses M.E. Fry of Gordonsville, H. Trent, M. Calloway, Cora E. Sandwich, Fannie Elliott, K.C. Dandridge, of Richmond; Johnson, of Salem; Laura Terrell, Messrs. F.D. Henry and H. Inge, of Washington, D.C., and quite a number of young ladies and gentlemen of the city were present.

Miss M.E. Fry left for her home in Gordonsville, last week.

Miss Cora E. Sandwich and Fannie Elliott left for their home in Richmond.

Miss Mary Hayes left for Chicago last week.

Lawyer Jas. H. Hayes is in the city.

Mr. Eugene Dickerson has returned home from Chicago, Ill., looking well. He will leave this week for V.N. & C.I. of Peterburg.

Mr. J.H. Marcus made a flying visit to Gordonsville last week.

Mrs. V.H. Alexander and family left for Washington, D.C., where they will make their future home.

Summary of Article
This article provides a general synopsis of current events in Charlottesville. Of special interest was a grand social given at the residence of Mrs. Jessie Farrar. The event was held in honor of the visitors to Charlottesville, and many members of the Charlottesville community were also in attendance. The article also provides travel updates for members of the community. For instance, Miss M.E. Fry departed Charlottesville for Gordonsville and Mr. Eugene Dickerson returned to the city after a stay in Chicago.Chepus

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Column 02
Scottsville Items

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Brother Mitchell:-

-Allow me space please to speak to the public through your well known paper of grand and noble mission work which is going on in this town. The appelation of which is known by the Evergreen Baptist Missionary Society. Mrs. G.W. Lewis, president, a good Christian lady, one who is well suited for the position, also loved by all the members of the above named Society, and friends of the community.

This Society was organized here about six months ago by a missionary lady.

The object of this Society is to do all they can in helping to propagate the doctrine of the gospel among the heathen in Africa.

We had a missionary sermon preached to us on the second Sunday by Rev. L.J. Pollard of the Richmond Theological Seminary, which aroused many who were asleep, and also stirred the luke warm who were indifferent as to the sense of their duty.

Summary of Article
This is a message from the Evergreen Baptist Society. The message describes the society as an organization devoted to disseminating the gospel to the unenlightened. The Society recently held a stirring missionary sermon that aroused many in the delegation.

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