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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 02, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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The Valley News

Transcript of Article

The people of the Valley will be favored with news and notes in our paper under the above head hereafter.

Persons who wish to keep posted on the movements of our people in this part of the State should subscribe to the Planet at once.

An excursion from Richmond arrived in our city last Sunday at 7 A.M., and remained all day. It consisted of six coaches, two for white and four for Afro-Americans.

Augusta county elected delegates last Monday for the Roan Oak Conference of Afro-Americans, which has been called to meet Sept. 11th. The following are the names: Willis M. Carter, city at large; Rev. James Scott and C.H. Hall, alternates, county at large; R.H. Gains, S.C. Carter, James A. Carter, Merideth Meads and James A. Johnson.

Churches were all well attended last Sabbath and the pastors were all at home, except Rev. M.W. Clair of the M.E. Church, in a good mood for preaching, if what the people say of their sermons be true.

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church has just built a new edifice which they will soon be ready to dedicate. Their rally on the 20th ult., realized $13.24. Our City Schools will open next September 4thm and all parents should have their children ready for the first day, then keep them in school until the close.

The "Staunton Tribune," devoted a column and a half of its editorial last week to the faithful pastors who read that paper. The "Watchman" is glad to find so many of these gentlemen in Augusta county reading papers published by the race.

the Berean Valley Baptist Association will convene with the Covington Baptist Church, Covington, Va., Thursday September 7th. The C. and O. road will sell round trip tickets at reduced rates to persons attending the Convention between Charlottesville and Covington.

Hotel and Personal Notes

Mrs. John Dabney of Richmond and her daughter, Miss Hattie are spending the summer here. The Virginia Seminary Star Concert Company consisting of Madame Fannie Payne Walker, Richmond, Va., Miss Olivia C. Oliver, Richmond; Prof. D.W. Davis, Richmond and Prof. U.S.G. Patterson were at the Goffeny last week. This company gave two grand entertainments at the Ebenezer Baptist Church last week. The "Watchman" tried to make it pleasant for the company, while in Staunton.

Hotel Brooks had the following registered last Sabbath: J.W. Woods, Afton, Va.; P.H. Duvall, Charlottesville, Va.; Troy Kenney, Charlottesville, Va.; Robert Thomas, Charlottesville, Va.; Frank Thompson, Waynesboro, VA.; Sallie Brown, Charlottesville, Va.; Frank Brown, Charlottesville, Va.; Thomas Truett, Lexington, Va.; Morris Johnson, Charlottesville, Va.; Edmonia Taylor, Will Thompson.

Miss Irene Burros returned last week from a missionary journey of nine months in North Carolina. She has since her return been selected to teach in our city school.

The Planet can be had at G.H. White's grocery, 10 East Frederick St., Staunton, Va. Mr. White has had only nine months in the business, but is making it a success.

Mr. John Brock has the oldest grocery stand on Augusta St.

Miss Mary F. Reynolds and Miss Bessie Hatcher returned Monday from Folly Mills, where they had a pleasant time. Prof. S.C. Carter, Rev. D.C. Dean, A.B. and Rev. C.C. Stumm, D.D., attended the Virginia Baptist Sunday School Convention at Charlottesville, Va.

Rev. Willy Simpson of Williamsport, Pa. is in Staunton, visiting friends.

Mrs. C.C. Stumm's sister, Mrs. John England of Birmingham, Ala., who has been ill since her visit here is convalescent.

Richmond District Conference of the A.M.E. church was held last week in Berryville, Clark Co., Va., Rev. E. Scarboro presiding. Rev. A.J. Dixon of Staunton was in attendance.

Shiloh Baptist Church, Waynesboro, Va., has extended a call to Rev. Samuel L. Moore of Illinois.

We expect to have the Planet on sale every Saturday in Staunton at G.H. White's grocery, Jack Allen's barber shop, Chesapeake House, 119 S. Augusta St., and 501 N. Augusta St. Please tell your friends and all get the leading papers published by the race in the State. Read the "Staunton Tribune" for home new and the Planet for State news.

Let the home, school room, press and pulpit be brought closer together by the newspaper, the common place for all intelligent to meet and view the progress of the world.

Summary of Article
This article provides a general synopsis of current events in Staunton, Va. Over the past week, the Staunton community received an excursion party from Richmond, participated in elections for the Roan Oak Conference of African Americans, and was making preparations for the upcoming school year. The article also highlights several other items of interest. For example, the Virginia Seminary Star Concert Company gave a performance and the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church just received a new edifice.Watchman

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Column 02
Charlottesville Letter

Transcript of Article

The Va. Bapt. State Convention held its annual session here on the 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th of August at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Rev. R.B. Hardy, pastor. A large delegation from all over the state was present.

Hon. John Mitchell, Jr., made a glowing address. He recited the condition of Isaac Jenkins in a straight forward earnest manner. We hope our people- especially of this section-will contribute as liberally as possible to aid in the defence of this unfortunate man who is now confined in the Suffolk jail, awaiting trial.

Mr. Aaron Payne arrived in the city from Capron Springs last week.

Mr. Samuel N. Benson, who has been in New York for some time has returned home.

Mr. Spott Lee who came home sick from Washington recently, is able to be out again.

Miss Eliza Gilmer who has been quite ill for the past three or four weeks is improving slowly.

The regular city Sunday-school Union was held at the First Baptist Church yesterday. The exercises were heartily enjoyed by those present.

Mr. W.G. Carter, secretary and manager of the Southern Aid and Insurance Company of Richmond was in the city attending the convention. He succeeded in securing two good agents up here.

It has been raining very hard here today, much to the satisfaction of the water committee who has been planning as to how water could be gotten into the reservoir.

The chickens that escaped with their heads while convention was in session have not as yet recovered from their scare.

The camp-meeting which has been in progress here closed last Sunday.

The new Ebenezer Baptist Church which is under construction is nearing completion. It is an attractive edifice.

Summary of Article
This article describes weekly events in the Charlottesville community. During the course of the past week, the Virginia Baptist State Convention held its annual session at the Mt. Zion Baptist CHurch in Charlottesville. The session was attended by a large delegation, representing communities throughout the state of Virginia. The article also provides updates on the health of individual members of the Charlottesville community. For example, Miss Eliza Gilmer is steadily improving from a long illness and Mr. Spott Lee should soon recover from the sickness that caused his return from Washington.C.

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