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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: August 19, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Personals and Briefs

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Messrs. Jos. Baylor of Palls P.O. Va. and R.J. Carter of Hanover Co., Va. passed through the city Monday enroute to Charlottesville, Va., to attend the grand sitting of the I.O. of St. Luke.

Summary of Article
This section of the paper provides an update on the travel plans of local community members. This week, Messrs. Jos. Baylor and R.J. Carter passed through Richmond en route to Charlottesville.

Column 06

Transcript of Article

Virginia Baptist State Sabbath School Convention rates have been granted delegates to attend the convention to meet at Charlottesville, Aug. 24, 1893 as follows:

Four cents (4 cts.) per mile for the C. & O.

One fare and a third by N.W.

One full fare for round trip by Potomac, Fredericksburg and Piedmont.

Reduced rates by Richmond and Danville, Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac, Richmond and Petersburg,

Baltimore and Ohio from Lexington and other points to Staunton, 4 cts. per mile for round trip.

Points on R. & D. R. R.

To Charlottesville and return,

From Alexandria $5.05

" Orange 1.50

" Lynchburg 3.00

" Danville 5.25

For particulars address,

W.P. Epps, Sect'y Exec. Board.

408 1/2 W. Duval Street.

Summary of Article
This is an advertisement for train rates to attend the Virginia Baptist State Sabbath School Convention in Charlottesville. The convention is scheduled to take place on Aug. 24, 1893.

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Column 04
Charlottesville Briefed

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On Thursday last, two brothers, Eli and Wm. Johnson, became engaged in a quarrel which resulted in the head of Eli being severed from his body from a blow dealt by William with a mowing blade which he had in his hand at the time. The modern Cain fled to the woods and is still at large. The affair happened in Fluvanna Co.

Mr. Charlie Johnson left the city last week for Philadelphia.

Miss Bettie Flanagan has returned home from Baltimore.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Lee returned home last week from Washington, D.C.

We welcome Mr. A.W. Bullock home again from New York City.

Messrs. Andrew Jackson, Jr., and S. Spears are in the city.

The concert given at Mt. Zion Ch. by Miss Jackson was a grand success.

Rev. L.B. Goodall has returned home.

Miss Lillie Rouser, of Washington, D.C., is in the city.

Mrs. Wm. Coles is out again after a brief indisposition.

News for the Planet can be left at Bullock's ice cream parlor.

Summary of Article
This article provides a general synopsis of current events in Charlottesville. Or particular interest this week was a quarrel between two brothers, Eli and William Johnson, that ended in the death of the former. Following this violent act, William Johnson fled to the nearby woods, where he remained at-large.Rastus

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