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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: August 05, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Column 05
Personals and Briefs

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Mr. P.T. Coghill of Manchester, Va., has returned from a most delightful visit to Charlottesville.

Summary of Article
This section of the paper provides an update on the travel plans of local community members. This week, Mr. P.T. Coghill of Manchester returned from his visit to Charlottesville.

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Column 04
Lynching Should Stop

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The Progress is opposed to lynching as it is opposed to all other forms of lawlessness. It does not believe in punishing crime by committing crime or of avenging law breaking by mob violence. Fewer guilty men escape merited punishment for heinous offenses, at the hands of the jury, than the number of innocent men that are hung every year by masked murderers.

Each lynching lessens the respect for law in the community in which it occurs and encourages a repetition. The whole thing is wrong in principle. The recent displays of cowardice by mobs, in this State, may well cause those who look upon lynch law with indifference to consider the dangerous tendency of such a policy.

The Norfolk, Va. Landmark is equally as emphatic. Here is what it says:

"We trust sincerely that, as the years go by the world may see less of barbarism - less of inhumanity, less of brutishness, which has always disgraced and degraded a portion of the races of men - and a few of all races, but be this as it may, it is the duty of all who feel an interest in social order, who appreciate the necessity for a fixed and stable government, a system of intelligence and virtue, to frown upon and prevent deeds of violence and illegality whether committed under the impulse of an apparently excusable vengeance, or not. Frightful mistakes are often made, and no combination of circumstances can ever justify taking life, without the crucial test of judicial investigation.

"Even with all the safeguards of a court and jury, under the scrutinizing processes of cross-examination, fatal verdicts are often found which afterwards turn out to be wrong. How much more uncertain must be the finding of a mob-an excited bloodthirsty mob, wild with the spirit of revenge, crazy under the sense of outrage, unwilling to wait for the slow processes of law. It is wrong. It must not be encouraged, it should not be tolerated. Let the courts have charge of all this. The very slowness of justice is itself a punishment-a torture to those who are rightly held to await their trial and sentence."

The country is awakening. The South is finding out the true cause of its present demoralization and the indication of its future ruin. Lynch law must go.

Summary of Article
This article provides a synopsis of two articles from external newspapers that discuss the barbarity of lynch law. Each of the external articles points out the injustice and inhumanity of lynching, as well as other attributes of the practice that make it unacceptable in a civilized society. The Planet author uses these articles to indicate that the general sentiment towards the practice of lynching is changing, and that the South is slowly coming to the realization that lynch law should be abolished.

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Column 02
From Charlottesville

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The corner-stone of the Ebenezer Colored Baptist Church will be laid August 15th with imposing ceremonies. The masonic oration will be delivered by Mr. J.H. Hayes, the well-known colored lawyer of Richmond, Va. Rev. John Jasper of the same city will preach. Dr. A.E. Dickerson of the "Religious Herald" also promises to be present and address some words of wisdom to our friends.

Misses Laura Terrell and Virginia Allen are in the city. Miss Terrell is the guest of Mrs. James Allen, we wish her a pleasant time during her stay.

We learn that Mr. Wm. Trueheart left the city last week for New York city.

A great many of our people are speaking of taking the cheap advantage of the coming excursion from this city to Danville August 14th and great many are expected to take a part from Colesville, also Lynchburg.

We were blessed with a splendid rain last Thursday afternoon which benefitted matters some.

Miss Sallie Bailor, who has been in the city visiting friends and relatives left for Baltimore, Maryland last week much pleased with her trip.

The Planet always aims to give its readers the latest news. An unknown colored boy thought to be a tramp, and between 13 and 14 years of age, was run over by a train on the Va. Midland Railroad last week and killed. The scene of the accident was a few hundred yards below the trestle on which the two little colored girls were accidentally killed. It is supposed that the accident happened about two o'clock in the morning, and the boy was asleep on the track just at the end of Cochrans Pond trestle. It was not known that the boy was run over until the train reached the junction, when it is said his hat and pieces of body otherwise horribly mangled were found. What could be gotten together of the unfortunate youth were picked up and brought to this place and buried.

The C.G.U.L. Club had its business meeting on last Friday night. They conducted their literary exercises very Sunday afternoon. All young men are welcome to attend.

The Planet is steadily on the increase here. Miss Jennie Bullock of 4th St., is visiting in the country at this writing.

Summary of Article
This article provides a general synopsis of the events occurring in the Charlottesville community over the past week. Of particular interest was the laying of the cornerstone at the Ebenezer Baptist Church and the business meeting of the C.G.U.L. Club. On a sadder note, a young man was recently killed in a train accident near Charlottesville, as he had fallen asleep on the train tracks. Although the accident was not discovered until hours later, the remains of the young man were gathered and buried.Ractus

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