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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 08, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Rev. Goodall Remembered

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Dear Editor:-

The "W.F. 40 club" gave me one of the grandest surprises of any minister in the state at the close of my sermon last Sunday evening. They presented me with a fine suit of clothes and a purse of forty dollars for a trip to the World's Fair. The speech of presentation was made by Miss Maggie Harris, immediately the church was electrified and a volley of applause went up; following which, Deacon J.A. Brown and Grand chief R. Kelsor made a motion that the Church will join hands with the club and make this amount fifty dollars; and that we thus express our wish for our pastor a happy vacation. This was the signal for another round of amens and applause. Allow me, Mr. Editor to publicly through your noble paper, express my thanks to the club and church. I will leave Saturday.

Summary of Article
This is a letter from Rev. L. Baxter Goodall to the editor of the Richmond Planet. In the letter, Rev. Goodall expresses his appreciation for the gifts he received from his congregation for his annual vacation. Included in the gifts were a fine suit of clothes and a purse of fifty dollars for a trip to the World's Fair.L. Baxter Goodall

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Church Hill Notes

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Rev. T.H. Johnson was in the city this week, and preached a powerful sermon at the Fourth Baptist Church on Sunday night, from Isaiah 53rd chapter 6th verse.

Miss Laura Tate, one of Loudon county's most popular Public School teachers is in the city, the guest of her uncle, Mr. Craven Tate, 714 N. 30th St.

Miss Anna M. Jackson left the city this week to spend the summer with her mother and friends in Orange, N.J. Miss Rosa B. Jackson has gone to Charlottesville, VA., on a visit to her cousin Mrs. Felisco W. Payne Hardy.

The time honored 4th of July celebrating of which we have learned should stir the tide of patriotic devotion in the heart of every American youth is apparently an inglorious failure with many of our Afro-American brethren. What pleasure could be derived from the pugilistic encounters engaged in, as witnessed by a number of spectators on last Tuesday. We are at a loss to know and feel like sympathizing with the two young men whom Sullivan could hardly have equaled.

Young men, when the apostle Paul, said "I write unto young men because you are strong," he also added "because you have overcome the wicked one." We hardly recognized that well developed young man but shirtless as being the same one who so politely made obeisance to us last Sabbath in silk hat, and a handsome summer suit.

The great Lawgiver Moses found occasion to admonish his Hebrew brethren when they strove against each other, and such an admonition ought also to serve for our brethren.

Rev. Evans Payne will preach a special sermon at his church on Sunday night the 9th inst.

The truthfulness of Editor Mitchell's statement a few days ago, when he said, "that the People's Relief Association of Virginia, Church Hill is reliable, and deserving of all the success it has won" was attested when on last Friday evening this Association promptly paid the death claim on a member who died that morning. All sick benefits are paid weekly, and of the vast membership of the Association there has not been so far as we know one complaint of non-settlement of claims.

Summary of Article
This article provides an update on current events in Church Hill. The first half of the article discusses the travels of members of the Church Hill community, including Miss Rosa B. Jackson's visit to her cousin, Mrs. Felisco W. Payne Hardy in Charlottesville. The second half of the article provides commentary on the professional boxing between African American males that occurred on July 4. The commentary admonishes these young males for engaging in this barbaric act, especially on Independence Day.

Column 06
The Contest Ended

Summary of Article
This article announces the winners of a contest sponsored by the Richmond Planet. The Planet offered prizes for those individuals securing the highest number of votes. Eugene Bland of Charlottesville earned 4th place in the contest with 746 votes. Mrs. Addie Barber, also of Charlottesville, was also mentioned in the article, having secured 38 votes.

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Transcript of Article

Rev. J.A. Kelly of Charlottesville, preached able sermons July 2nd at the First Baptist Church and the Union Baptist Church of Lexington, Va.

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