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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 01, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Personals and Briefs

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Miss J.C. Cary of Charlottesville was in the city this week.

Rev. A. Truatt of Charlottesville, Va. called on us

Summary of Article
This section provides information about the travels of members of local communities. The section mentions that J.C. Cary and Rev. A. Truatt of Charlottesville had visited Richmond.

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From Charlottesville

Transcript of Article

The marriage of Mr. John L. Edmonds and Miss Harriet M. Browne was solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Browne, 306 Ridge St., Wednesday, 21st inst. The bride was handsomely attired in a pearl suit and carried a bunch of marcheneil rosebuds. The presents were numerous and costly. After the ceremony was over, all participated in eating the luxuries of the season.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. L. Baxter Goodall, pastor of the First Baptist Church.

Mrs. Cassandia Jackson died at her home, near the University of Virginia, on the 28th inst., aged 70. She had many friends among the whites.

On Thursday, June 15th, Miss H.A. Miller, teacher of the Hartshorn Memorial College was married to Prof. James Coleman of Washington, D.C., at her home Bowlesville, Va. Only Miss A.E. Brackett and Miss Lizzie Coles, of Charlottesville, and a few neighbors were to witness the marriage because of Miss Miller's ill health.

Rev. Moss, of Danville, and Lawyer Jas. Hayes, of Richmond, were in our city this week on the 24th inst.

Mr. R.F. Browne died at his residence on Gospel Hill. For nearly a year he has been struggling with that terrible destroyer Consumption. He was taken sick at the Healing Springs last Summer. He came home in August. He commenced teaching school last fall at Eastham. His health was so bad, he only taught school nine days. He was a member of the First Baptist Church, also a member of the choir; but his voice will be heard in this earthly choir no more but in heaven. We hope to hear him again around the throne of God. He was liked by all who knew him. He was a member of the 3 V. club. We extend to the family our heart-felt sympathy. He leaves a mother, father and brother to mourn their loss. His funeral took place this afternoon from 1st Baptist Church.

Rev. Wm. Gibbons ran an excursion here from Washington yesterday. He preached at Ebenezer last night. His sister Miss Bella L. Gibbons was here. Everything was very quiet and pleasant.

Our correspondent expects to leave for Mt. Top, July 1st. In God I trust.

Summary of Article
This article reviews the current events of Charlottesville. During the past week, Charlottesville played host to several marriages, including that of Prof. James Coleman and Miss H.A. Miller. The article pays tribute to R.F. Browne who passed away after struggling with poor health for over a year.A.F. Angel

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