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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: June 24, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Personals and Briefs

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Mr. Robert Kelsor, of Charlottesville called to see us. He was enroute to Charlottesville from his attendance of the Grand Lodge No. 6, I.O. of G.S. and D. of S. He was elected national delegate to New Haven, Conn., at the National Grand Lodge.

Summary of Article
This section provides information about the travels of members of the local communities. The section mentions that Robert Kelser traveled through Richmond enroute to Charlottesville. Kelser had been attending a conference at the Grand Lodge No.6

Column 05
Norfolk Letter

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A public meeting under the auspices of the Norfolk Division of the U.O. of True Reformers was held in Zion A.M.E. Church Tabernacle last Thursday. Rev. W.W. Browne, the president of the Order and the Bank addressed the vast audience on the order, its benefits, privileges and advantages. Vice-President W.L. Taylor presided.

Another one of those raids were made by the police on a policy-shop, capturing the paraphernalia of the game and four persons out of thirty in the police court. They were fined $2 each, as cost of court since no evidence was produced to connect them with the game. The justice was severe on the police for this force.

Miss Jane C. Carey of Charlottesville, Va., who has been in the city visiting as the guest of Miss Nellie E. Collins, left for home Thursday morning after a very pleasant stay. A reception was tendered her on the evening of her departure in which the delicacies of the season were in abundance and enjoyed by the large number of friends present.

Rev. Dr. Wood of Liberia, Africa was in the city this week and spoke in St. Johns A.M.E. Church on Tuesday night, concerning Africa of her resources and the inducements that Africa offers the race, invited co-operation and self-respect among the race in this country and inviting commercial relation with the race in this country and Africa.

Summary of Article
This article discusses current events in Norfolk. Rev. Dr. Wood of Africa gave a lecture on the resources of Africa on Tuesday and, on Thursday, the Norfolk Division of the U.O. of True Reformers held a public meeting in the Zion A.M.E. Church Tabernacle. The article also reports that Miss Jane C. Carey of Charlottesville was visiting the city.A. Becks, Pastor, Thomas H. Branch, Secretary

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Excursion from Charlottesville to Richmond Saturday morning, July 15, '93. By the Working Sons of Hope. Don't forget that this is the oldest club on the line. Trains leave Charlottesville at 7 o'clock A.M. Returning will leave Richmond at 8 P.M. For further information apply to

Summary of Article
This is an advertisement for an excursion from Richmond to Charlottesville sponsored by the Working Sons of Hope.M.T. Lightfoot, Manager, Bothwell, Va.

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