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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: May 06, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Grand Chief R. Kelsor declines to again accept the position as Grand Chief of the Samaritain Order of Virginia

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In response to the many letters from different sections of Virginia urging me to again accept nomination to the position now held by me, I seek this medium to say, that while I greatly appreciate the honor you have done me for the last five years, that of twice unanimously elected by acclamation as Grand Chief. I must most respectfully decline your preferred favor. I do now serve notice to the Samaritains of Virginia: That at the next Grand Lodge Session, I will not be a candidate and will positively decline re-nomination or election. In the interest of the Order I urge you to carefully and Prayerfully select your man.

Summary of Article
This article is a formal statement from Robert Kelsor indicating that he will not accept nomination for Grand Chief of the Samaritans Order of Virginia. Kelsor declines nomination after having served as Grand Chief for the previous five years.R. Kelsor, R.W G.C., 205 N. 6th St. W. Charlottesville, VA

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Piedmont Park

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Piedmont Park, at Charlottesville, Va., was opened last week by a great game of Base-Ball between the Virginia Slides of Lynchburg and the Phalanx of Charlottesville. The game was witnessed by a large crowd of white and colored people. The order was good. The playing excellent. The score was 4 to 3 in favor of the Phalanx. Grand concert at night by the Over Hill Glee Club of Lynchburg.

This park has been lately enclosed and graded at great expense. It is located on an elevation overlooking the city and is now ready for games and excursion parties. Several games have been scheduled already.

The Lexingtons will cross bats with the Phalanx here May 15th.

The park is an enterprise of which we feel justly proud.

Summary of Article
This article reviews the activities that occurred during the grand opening of the Piedmont Park in Charlottesville. For this occasion, the park, open to both whites and blacks, hosted a baseball game between the Virginia Slides of Lynchburg and the Phalanx of Charlottesville, with the latter winning 4-3.R. Kelsor, Manager, Piedmont Park

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A Brilliant Marriage

Transcript of Article

The Fourth Baptist Church was packed last Thursday afternoon, the occasion being the marriage of the young divine, Rev. R.B. Hardy, B.D., pastor of the Charlottesville, Va. Mt. Zion Baptist church, to the accomplished Miss Fellisco Payne daughter of Rev. Evans Payne.

On the rostrum were Revs. C.H. Corey, D.D., J.E. Jones, D.D., D.N. Vassar, D.D., James H. Holmes, R. Wells, E. Watts, B.D., W.F. Graham, W.M. Moss, B.D., Dan. James, J. Francis Robinson, S.T.D., S.H. Dismond, M.D.

The ceremony was performed under an arch of flowers made by the Fourth Bapt. Sunday school teachers, a bell was suspended therefrom and was rung during the ceremony by Master Hezekiah Jones.

The bridal party entered in the following order:

Rev. R.O. Johnson and Miss Annie Jackson. He later re-entered with Rev. S.C. Burrell, Rev. H.W. Chiles and J.W. Toles. Rev. L.J. Pollard and Rev. J. Woolfolk, Rev. G.W. Good and groom, Rev. W.T. Johnson and bride.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. Z.D. Lewis the brilliant young pastor of the Second Baptist Church.

The bride wore a pearl gray Undala Cotala silk, trimmed with Teu tone velvet of mouse and magenta with hat, veil and gloves to match, the groom, the conventional suit of black.

The happy couple left for an extended trip north. The presents were especially numerous and costly.

Summary of Article
The article provides highlights of the marriage ceremony for Rev. R.B. Hardy and Miss Fellisco Payne. The article indicates that several prominent church and social figures attended the ceremony and also goes into considerable depth in discussing the bridal arrangements.

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Hard to Determine

Transcript of Article

"The last case was the worst of all-that of Susan Mitchell charged with being very drunk and unable to take care of herself."

The last case was the worst of all- that of Susan Mitchell charged with being very drunk and unable to take care of herself. She was found prone upon the floor of the reception room of the Union Depot at six o'clock this morning. She claims Lynchburg as her home and had a ticket to the "Hill City" and fifty cents in her pocket book. It was hard to determine whether she was white or colored; but it was very easy to see that she was a very miserable looking creature. She was fined $2.50 and costs. When our reporter left she was trying to get some one to pawn her ring for the $3.50 necessary to get her out of the station house.

The Police Court has its sad side as well as the humorous one.

Summary of Article
This article relays the case of Susan Mitchell, an inebriated and destitute woman who was found lying on the floor of the Union Depot. What amused the author of this article was the fact that authorities could not determine whether Mitchell was white or black.

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