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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 22, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: Weekly
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Anniversary Exercises of the Richmond Theological Seminary

Transcript of Article

The Baccalaureate address will be delivered by President Corey at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Sunday morning, April 23 at 11 o'clock a.m. The oration before the Alumni Association will be delivered by Rev. W.M. Moss, B.D. at the Fifth St. Baptist Church, Wednesday evening, April 26, at 8:30 o'clock p.m. The Commencement Exercises will take place at the Second Baptist Church, Thursday evening, April 27, at 8:15 o'clock, p.m. The examinations will begin Friday, April 21st at the Seminary.

Summary of Article
The article provides general information concerning the anniversary exercises of the Richmond Theological Seminary. The Baccalaureate address is to be held at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Charlottesville on April 23 and other planned events will take place on April 26 and 27 in the surrounding areas.

Column 05
Rough on the Richmond Dailies

Transcript of Article

The Richmond morning dailies cannot be in favor of fostering emigration to the South, or they would not have attempted to palm off those villainous mugs that appeared in yesterday's edition as Governors of the Sunny Southern States. Governor Carr is made to appear like a member of Jesse James' gang; Governor Tilman like a Baltimore plug-ugly, and Governor Jones like a frontier desperado. In the Dispatch, under the likeness of a jack-rabbit is printed the name of Mayor Ellyson, whom Virginians know to be handsome man.

Summary of Article
This article refutes the notion that the Richmond morning dailies can be advocates of emigration. In the process of refuting this claim, the article portrays several Southern governors pictured in the Dispatch in a negative light.

Column 05
Ebenezer Church

Transcript of Article

WHEREAS, In the last two issues of the Planet, have appeared two sets of resolutions reflecting upon us, as officials of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, we have only this to say:

We have been entirely exonorated [sic] by Council and Committee, about a year ago, as the following resolutions show.

Rev. Hardy stated openly in the meeting held by the committee of three, sent by the Convention, that the church had not accused the officials of misappropriation, but eleven months afterwards, it appears in resolution that they were accused of such. Another new discovery: the chairman of committees on New Bodies at the Convention will remember that it was vehemently uttered, three or four times, the officers were excluded one week before they went out. Last week's resolutions say that, "Did not exclude them."

"Truth crushed to earth shall rise again, The eternal years of God are hers."

The delegation from Mt. Zion Church to our recognition Council, testified that Mt. Zion did not give the officials any hearing whatever.- truth. We have written statements- verbatim, to prove this. Why is it that you did not tell the dear readers who published the resolutions you disown brother? Are you afraid?

The following does not look much like misappropriation:

Read carefully: "The Committee appointed by the Virginia Baptist State Convention to endeavor to effect a reconciliation between the Ebenezer and Mt. Zion Baptist Churches presented the following, which was accepted by the Churches as satisfactory:

1. WHEREAS, The members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church have no doubt given offense to the Mt. Zion Baptist Church by their having taken some steps hastily and that they hereby acknowledge the same.

2. WHEREAS, The Ebenezer members have been publicly slandered by the accusation of having misappropriated funds belonging to the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, we the committee say unhesitantly, that they (the members of the Ebenezer) are entitled to a full and fair investigation of the books before they surrender them.

The committee of investigation of the books was Rev. R.B. Hardy, Rev. A. Truatt, Isaiah Cash, B.E. Tonsler, and made the following report: We, your committee, find that the receipts of the Mount Zion Church, were from the books, only $1,904.78 for the year ending January 15, 1892, instead of $3,036.895 as stated per circular, a difference of 1,132.115. We, the committee, endorse the figures of the books because we have discovered the circular to be wrong.

The disbursements have been per vouchers, 1,811.85; balance in hand $33.63.

Signed by the committee: R.B. Hardy, pastor of Mt. Zion church; A. Truatt, pastor Ebenezer Church; B.E. Tonsler, clerk Ebenezer Baptist Church, I. Cash, acting clerk Mt. Zion. R.H. Porter, R. Spiller, P.F. Morris, Committee from Convention, May 28th, 1892."

God claims our attention for the perfect peace and prosperity that He has given us, and were it not for properly informing the readers of the PLANET on matters in controversy, last week's publication would receive no notice of this kind at our hands.

John Dickerson, Henry Brown, Henry Thompson, Cornelius Whitlock, Armistead Nelson, William Winn, Albert Hooker, Irving Fields, Jesse H. Cary Tyler Dandridge, Deacons Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Summary of Article
The article discusses the dispute between the Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Mt. Zion Church concerning a misappropriation of funds by the former. The article indicates that the Ebenezer Baptist Church was exonerated of this charge by a formal committee consisting of members of the church board

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Column 01
From Charlottesville

Transcript of Article

On the 15th inst., Messrs. John Suesbury and A.F. Angel visited Hickory Zion Church with a number of others from Charlottesville and University. The principal thing on the programme was a debate between John Suesbury and Angel, subject, "Resolved that men are more deceitful than women." Affirmative: Jno. Suesbury, negative, A.F. Angel; after an hour and a half discussion the judges retired and returned with a decision in favor of the Negative. A large crowd turned out to hear the discussion. Afterwards baskets full of good things were spread. We all highly enjoyed ourselves.

The Mother Goose Concert at the First Baptist Church last week were very creditable

A grand revival is going on at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Two candidates were baptized yesterday at Mt. Zion Church.

Prof. Simmons is in the city.

Mr. Charles Kier and Soffa Irving were married last week near Rio Station.

Mr. Dabney W. Minor, the father of Prof. Rives C. Minor, died at Web Glenn on the 10th inst. He was 82 years old, was buried in the Minor burying ground on 11th inst. Rev. T.W. Woodfolk officiated. He had been a consistent member of the Baptist Church 50 years and died trusting in Jesus

Summary of Article
The article provides a summation of the general events occurring in Charlottesville during the past week. Items of interest were a lively debate between John Suesbury and A.F. Angel concerning gender traits, a concert at the First Baptist Church, the baptism of two members at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, and the death of Mr. Dabney W. Minor.

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