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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: January 14, 1893 (Saturday)
Frequency: weekly
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Interesting Exercises--Struck by an Engine--Local Items.

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Jan. 9,.--The C. G. U. L. Club met in their room, Dec. 25th. They had a special programme arranged for Christmas. Singing led by Mr. J. T. Trueheart, "Rejoice and be glad." Mr. E. L. Howard read 9th chapter of Romans. Prayer by J. T. Scott, address, by S. J. Meadow in regards to the club. A religious programme was carried out. P. G. Gipson, Pres., S. N. Benson, Sec'y.

One of the grandest entertainments was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelser, 205 North 6th street, by the following ladies. Misses N. L. C. Brown, V. H. Allen, Rosa Coles, Bettie Ferguson, Susie Alexander, Jennie Morton, L. Buckner, Gertrude Farrar, G. Wilson, Maggie Brown of Pittsburgh, Pa., Sallie Brown, Mrs. Phil Y. Wyatt and Mrs. F. Flemming. The invited guests were Messrs. A. F. Angel, W. Va., C. H. Brown, Alfred Mabrey of Richmond, Va., James T. Coles, of Washington, D. C., John Coles, John Sheldon, W. H. Edmonds, Dr. Ferguson, Washington, D. C., Troy Kenny, Payne O. Flemming.

Fine music. It would take too much space to mention the Menu.

The concert given the 22nd [illegible] at the 1st Baptist Church was very creditable, Prof. Droper, Manager, also Prof. J. L. Peters of Staunton, Va., were present. He acted his part well. The Davis sisters failed to come.

Miss Maggie Brown, formerly of this city, now residing in Pittsburgh, Pa., is in the city visiting friends.

The University of Virginia, Young Peoples Aid Society visited three places Christmas Eve loaded with good things.

Miss Mollie Walker died Tuesday at 7 p. m. Her funeral took place from Mt. Zion Church. Rev. Alexander officiated. She was a member of the St. Luke's Society. They accompanied the remains in full dress last Friday, the 6th inst.

The Thermometer was down to ten (10) degrees.

Mr. C. H. Brown is well again. He had the La grippe last week.

Mr. Robert Bullock fell down and hurt his head last week.

Our correspondent was indisposed last week which prevented his going to Gordonsville as he intended.

Miss Mary R. Jones has returned from Pittsburgh and spent her Christmas in Gordonsville. Why were a number of subscribers without the PLANET Dec. 31st? Angel says: "he was off in a dream-land among the fairies and forgot to send his order."

"Thank gawd she didn't git me dat time!" was the exclamation of Mrs. Jane Wood, an old colored lady, who was knocked from the track by the F. F. V. train, at Croget, on Tuesday last. Her clothing caught in the pilot and she was violently hurled into the ditch on the side of the track. It was a wonder she was not killed.

Mrs. A. Parker is very sick.

"But screw you courage to the sticking place,
And we'll not fall."

A. F. A.

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