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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: December 17, 1892 (Saturday)
Frequency: weekly
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A Woman Convicted--Interesting Items.


Mrs. Eliza Burndant was tried in the County court Monday, for burning Oak Grove Church, about two years ago. She was convicted and given three years in the penitentiary. Miss Alice Harris of Bar Harbor M. E., who arrived in the city on last Sunday morning is visiting her sister, Mrs. John E. Suesbery.

Rev. Kelly lectured last Thursday night at the First Baptist Church, subject morality. Rev. Kelly freely owns that several years ago he was a prodigal son and ran from his father, now deceased. He has reformed and is making it his work traveling through this state, Maryland and South Carolina lecturing on morality and other subjects concerning the way that the young should conduct themselves.

Mr. A. Brooks of Bloomfield, N. J. is in the city visiting relatives.

Mr. R. F. Brown is yet unable to leave his room. He had to resign his school at Eastham, Va.

Rev. Truatt, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, who was sick, is out again. Ebenezer is getting on nicely.

A grand Union Concert Thursday evening December 22, 1892, First Baptist Church an evening with Prof. J. E. Draper, the traveling choirster and the successful manager of over a hundred entertainments. The ex-teacher of sixteen choirs. One of the greatest musical trainers of his race and natural born actor, supported by talented artists of this city. Curtains will rise at 8 P. M. sharp.

Admission 15 cents.

Rev. Hardy preached last night at his church, a collection of seven odd dollars were [sic] taken up. "There is nothing that can separate me from the love of GOD." Principalities nor powers, kingdoms nor angels, this present nor things to come.


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