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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: December 10, 1892 (Saturday)
Frequency: weekly
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Letter of Inquiry

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Letter of Inquiry

I had a sister by the name of Doll Irving in Orange, Co., Va. belonging to a man by the name of Elijah Goodwin, was sold to a Negro Traitor by the name of Brady. She was a bright mulatto girl, straight black hair between 10 and 12 years old when sold. Her mother was named Ann, her sisters Maud and Amy, and a brother named George.

Any information known please address

Mrs. Amy West

610 Parrot Street.
Charlottesville, Va.

Summary of Article
Searching for relatives sold away, pre-Emancipation, from Orange Co.

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Column 4
A New Organization--Literary Exercises

Transcript of Article

The Young ladies and gentlemen residents of University of Virginia have organized a society to be known as the University Young People's Aid Society. The object is to aid the sick and afflicted. The following are officers, James Bullock, President, Mrs. Ellen White, Vice-President, Jno. E. Suesbery, Secretary, A. F. Angel, Treasurer, Mrs. Julia Morton and White, Mrs. Garland and Harris. The gentlemen were Messrs. W. F. Walker, H. Carter, Ragland, Richard Desper. This society began its good work last Tuesday night, 22 inst. by visiting Mrs. Willie Thomas in Canada, many ponds and some money were carried her, she being helpless. Thanksgiving evening at the First Baptist Church opened with singing by the club, scripture reading by Rev. Woolfork, prayer by Rev. H. Overton, Duet, "the begger girl," by Katie Southall and Susan Kennie, remarks of welcome by Mr. Robert Kelser, Solo, "Alice where are thou?" by Miss Etta Sorrell, Thanksgiving proclamation by Mrs. J. A. Brown, Address of congratulation of the church being out of debt, by Captain McCajab Woods, Solo by Mrs. Ida Sea, scenes that are brightest, quartette, Misses Brown, Jones, Brown and Sorrell, quartette, "A lone grave," Messrs. Ragland, Pleasant, and Jones, Solo, by Mrs. F. Jones "Birds in dream-land," Solo, "Cottage by the sea" by miss Annie Alexandria, remarks by Rev. L. B. Goodall, "Home sweet home," by the club.

Mr. Robert Kelser left Saturday A. M. for Richmond to attend to official business for the Good Samaritans.

Mr. Burkley Bullock, Jr, of Pittsburgh, Pa., is in the city visiting relations.

Rev. Harden Lewis of Middle Oak, near Blenheim, Va., preached at the First Baptist Church Sunday 11 A. M.

Mr. Thomas Clay lost two of children last week with the Diphtheria. One died Monday and the other Friday, and Mrs. Clay is sick.

Mr. Robert Cogbill is confined to his bed.

Sallie Brown is often with a pain.

Miss Nannie L. Brown, Gertrude Farrar and Wilson were in the city four days, including Thanksgiving.

Mr. J. L. Edmond of No. 467 6th street gave an entertainment at home thanks-giving day. Among the friends that dined with them were Messrs. E. and W. Gilmore Henderson and Miss H. Brown.

In God I trust.


Summary of Article
Community gossip

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Column 3
Charlottesville Letter

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Miss Rosa Walker, who was burned week before last near Fry Springs died last week from the effects of the burns. Her home is near Profit, Va. on the V. M. R. R. She was engaged to be married, Xmas. Her friends have our sympathy.

Four horses ran away on Main St. this morning on Main St. They ran into a buggy and tore it to pieces. The horse hitched to the buggy was unharmed. The latter was owned by Dr. Dabney. No one was in the buggy. Mrs. Eliza Parago, of South 12th St., left Friday morning for Philadelphia on account of the illness of her son Edward.

Miss Jennie Reynolds left Saturday evening to spend the Holidays.

Mr. William H. Parago, Jr., the young colored musician, is a pianist of great skill. Give him a call for concert services or church organist.

Mr. Jones left last week for Washington, D. C.

Miss Sophie Henderson is sick.

Mr. Jackson Bryant and Mrs. Henrietta Davis were married last Thursday night at Rev. Goodall's residence.

Mrs. Antony Buckner, on Main St., is quite sick.

A reception was given at the residence of Mr. Noah Jackson, New C. and O. depot, to their niece last week who has lately gotten married.

Rev. Kelly lectured at Mount Zion Church last Thursday evening. A good congregation turned out to hear him. All who heard him seemed well pleased.

Mrs. William L. Brown, who has been suffering about three months with a joint felon, is yet unable to use her left hand.

Our city seems to be making merry for Xmas.


Summary of Article
Community gossip

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