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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: November 26, 1892 (Saturday)
Frequency: weekly
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Do you ask why there was no room in Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Charlottesville last Sunday for visitors? It was because we had just put in a baptistry and for the first time in the history of the church, we had the pleasure of baptizing nude our own "vine and fig tree." 15 soldiers of the cross put on Christ by baptism last Sunday morning.

Why is it that Rev. Hardy walks so proudly? Because Mrs. Bettie Ragland put a three dollar hat on his head last week.

Have you called on the pastor of the Mt. Zion Church since his congregation gave him that fine tea set? Yes, and I saw those fine slippers those ladies gave him too.

What is that Mrs. Harriett Scott is talking about? She is getting ready for that lost rib of brother Hardy's. Well, let us all help, for he is a hard worker and deserves all we do.

"A Nobody."

Summary of Article
Baptism at Mt. Zion, church gossip

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Column 5
Charlottesville Letter

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Mrs. A. B. Parker who has been sick for some time, was pounded Friday night by friends of this city. Mrs. James Ferguson and Mrs. William Brown were the principal persons in getting up the party. After they arrived at the house they sang "Blest be the tie that binds," etc., led by Mr. William Brown, prayer by Mr. James Ferguson. The party presented her $5.23 in money and a number of other things, such as groceries, etc.

Our correspondent visited Stony Point Friday a. m. His hand was burned which prevented him from working ten days. He visited some of his old friends in the country. He cam back yesterday, p. m., in company with Miss N. L. Brown, who is teaching at Stony Point. A pool was put in Zion Baptist Church last week. Dr. Hardy baptized fifteen candidates on 20th inst., at 11 a. m. Communion was celebrated at 3 p. m.

Thanksgiving day was celebrated at the First Baptist Church. Rev. L. B. Goodall invited all of the churches in this vicinity to participate with them.

Rev. Goodall was pounded Friday night by his members.

Miss Florinda Taylor of this city and Mr. Jones of Delaware were married on the 10th inst., in Portsmouth, N. H.

At 6: 30 p. m. at Mrs. Grant's pretty home, the bridal march "Lohengrin," which was played by Miss Josie Kelly, was heard, and the bride and groom attended by Miss Rawles and Mr. Jones the groom's brother, came in to the parlor where the ceremony was performed by Rev. S. H. Thayer. After the marriage a reception was held. At 7:30 p. m., Mr. and Mrs. Jones left amid a shower of rice and old shoes to the depot where they took the train for a bridal tour, including Boston, New York and Washington.

A large number of the bride's intimate friends were at the depot to see her off. The couple were the recipients of many presents, showing the esteem in which they were held by the people of Portsmouth. They arrived in this city on the 15th inst., 3 a. m. Mr. Ellis left Sunday a. m. for Bloomfield, N. J.

Mr. John Watson left for Washington last week, where he expects to spend the winter.

Mrs. Lousia Walker is sick on Gospel hill. Dr. Dabney is attending her.

Mr. and Mrs. Gibson are very sick, near the University of Virginia.

Mr. P. H. Ferrell's store is being repaired. He has a large stock of groceries.

Messrs. Carr and Fleming have opened a barber shop on Vinegar Hill.

Mr. John Whipp's new house is completed on Grady Avenue.

Mr. Johnson is having a house built near Preston Heights.

Mrs. West of Richmond, Va., was in the city Sunday, visiting Mrs. Walker.

Mr. J. Whipps left last week for Washington and from there he will go to Old Point. Mrs. Whipps left Thursday for Richmond, Va., where she expects to remain a few days, and then return to Old Point.

Rev. Truatt visited Hickory Hill Church on the 20th inst. Four candidates were baptized. Ebenezer Baptist church celebrated the Lord's Supper, Sunday at 8 p. m.

Rev. Davis seemed to be filled with the Holy Ghost Sunday evening at the A. M. E. Church. Sister Daniel Clay is sick.

Miss L. Walker was in the city Saturday and Sunday visiting relatives.

"Who by repentance is not satisfied is not of heaven nor earth."

Summary of Article
Community gossip

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