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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 10, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The C. G. U. L. Club gave a grand Lawn Party and Concert at the Odd Fellow's Hall, Monday and Tuesday nights, August 29th and 30th. The yard was beautifully decorated with Japanese lanterns, which made everything lively and gay. There were several solos, and quartettes by different ones. Great credit is due to this club as it hasn't been organized long. The correspondent of this paper was present on Tuesday night, and when he was found to be a news gatherer he was ushered to a reserve seat. Quite a pleasant time was spent.

Circus was in town, Saturday 4th, great many attended, many who were not able. The fever is said to be raging here at present. The 17th will soon be here, are you ready for the Excursion? Mrs. Adline Siperal received a dispatch Wednesday from her husband to come to Danville, Va., on the next train.

Mr. Edward Pleasant and Mr. Henderson, made a flying visit to this city and returned to Philadelphia, Penn, Friday morning on the 11:20 train.

Mrs. Annie Fetts, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Martin, left for Washington, D. C. last Thursday morning.

Mr. Charles Cary left the city last Wednesday for Chicago, Ill.

Messrs. George Jones and William Nelson have returned from the Healing Springs looking well.

Mr. John Coles of Fourth St., is recovering from a short spell of sickness.

Three or four local trains in this section have benefited matters some.

We are glad to see the police officers visiting South 11th St. so regularly.

Every lady and gentleman old and young should attend Prayer meetings on Wednesday nights.

News for this paper should be left at Mr. J. A. Brown's grocery store no later than Monday morning at 9 o'clock of each week. The correspondent has been catching on to a great many things recently.

Mr. W. Irving has a large contract of painting on hand.

Summary of Article
General society notes involving Charlottesville's colored citizens.

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